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Join May 7th as Riverbed Unveils Significant AI-powered Solutions to Optimize Digital Experiences
Launch webcast Riverbed unveils AI-powered solutions

Gartner®️ Market Guide for DEX Tools

Enhance the Digital Employee Experience (DEX) in Modern Workplaces 
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Intelligent Service Desk

Aternity can fix a broad spectrum of recurring issues, prevent incidents, employ optimal resolutions, and reduce user frustration
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Maximize Visibility and Performance

Overcome the challenges of insufficient visibility, unpredictable network and application performance, and expanded cyber security risks—all while improving your ability to be agile and resilient.

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Unified Observability

Deliver flawless digital experiences to customers and employees

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IT Asset Cost Reduction

Reduce costs for devices, software, cloud and network

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Cloud Visibility and Performance

Reduce the risks and costs of migrating apps to the cloud

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Network and App Acceleration

Fast, seamless, secure app delivery for distributed enterprise

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Modernize IT for Digital and Cloud Success

To take advantage of digital and cloud technologies that fuel transformation, organizations must modernize their IT infrastructure.
But this doesn’t happen overnight. Whatever the pace, Riverbed can help IT teams make the transition in the most performant, cost-effective, and secure way.

Riverbed Solutions

Full-fidelity, No Sampling
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Digital Experience Management

Actionable user experience insights at every device, app and click
Users connected to global network to share data and resources.

Network Performance Management

Unified network performance visibility for proactive monitoring and troubleshooting
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Application Performance Monitoring

Simplified high-definition APM visibility leveraging Real User Monitoring, Synthetic Monitoring, and OpenTelemetry
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Infrastructure Monitoring

Proactively discovers, collects and monitors infrastructure to analyze performance, design multi-vendor networks, and manage change

Acceleration Solutions

Hybrid, Cloud, On-prem
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Cloud Acceleration

Fast, agile, secure delivery of any cloud workload to anyone, anywhere; up to 50x faster migrations & 99% data reduction
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SaaS Acceleration

Fast, agile, secure delivery of SaaS applications to anyone, anywhere; up to 10x faster SaaS apps and 99% data reduction
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Remote Work Acceleration

Fast, secure apps and data for today’s hybrid workforce; up to 10x faster delivery to desktops and 99% data reduction
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WAN Acceleration

#1 network optimization and application performance solution; up to 33X faster application performance & 99% data reduction

Empowering Digital Experiences Worldwide

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A More Transparent User Experience for More Seamless Fleet Manageability

"The experience of the entire Intel workforce is affected by device performance. Getting a holistic view of that is key. This is the value of Aternity — bringing all that data together from different devices and sources into a single pane of glass. It makes that data actionable, helping us deliver better service to a demanding employee base."

Julian Braham, Principal Engineer, Intel IT
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Deliver Exponential Digital Banking Growth & Improve Digital Experience for Users

"With automated alerts, mean-time-to resolution is almost at zero. We can see an anomaly as soon as it happens and resolve it before it impacts service. This actionable insight really does ensure optimum performance and a great customer experience."

Namık Kemal Uçkan Head of IT Operations, Halkbank
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UK energy firm exceeds end-user expectations by providing a seamless digital experience

"We’ve completely transformed the way we manage issues, moving from being reactive to proactive and now we can actually foresee and manage issues before they arise. Aternity has transformed the way we work and how IT is perceived as a department throughout the business."

Donna Lloyd, Senior Enterprise Product Manager, Platforms & Enablement, Enterprise IT, EDF
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Improve Clinicians Productivity While Saving on IT Costs

“Over a 5-year period we will save around £2.5 million to £3 million in terms of total IT costs. This is fantastic as the funds can be spent on other vital improvements for patient care.”

Jeffrey Wood, Deputy Director of ICT, The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust
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Aggregating Data for Better Insights Delivers High-Quality User Experiences

"The ability to view all the data together on a single pane of glass is priceless. The Riverbed solutions have given us the ability to provide a stable, high performing environment for our users, which translates to high quality experiences for hundreds of thousands of members."

Doug Horner, SVP, IM Operations, Global Credit Union
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