International engineering and project management company transforms user experience and cyber security with Riverbed solutions.


  • Lack of visibility of end-user experience affects productivity
  • Requirement to proactively identify and resolve application performance issues
  • Increased number of cyber attacks


  • Consistent and effective support to end-users
  • Improved issue detection and resolution, bolstering the support teams’ capacity and improving productivity
  • Improved visibility and security even as employees work from home


Artelia Group is a multi-disciplinary independent group offering a full range of engineering related services. The company was looking to provide a more secure platform and improved user experience. With Riverbed Aternity and the Riverbed NPM portfolio from Riverbed, the company gained visibility across endpoints, networks, and applications, with increased speed and ease of use.

Artelia Group is headquartered in France, with 7,000 employees working across 40 countries around the globe. It is one of the top 15 consulting and engineering firms in Europe with a revenue of €745m in 2021. “Our mission is to design solutions for apositive life. And those solutions typically fall within the space of mobility, buildings, energy, and the water industry,” says Antoine Labrosse, Chief Digital Officer at Artelia. The company’s project portfolio covers both local projects and large-scale schemes such as the Greater Paris Metro extension, which will add 200 kilometers of track and 68 stations to one of Europe’s biggest metro systems.




“Having such a strong partnership with Riverbed to support that conversation and reassure our customers their data is safe and the service is available 24/7 is mission-critical for us.”

Antoine Labrosse, Chief Digital Officer


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France, Europe


Architecture Engineering


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