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Riverbed® Steelhead® Mobile Cuts Costs and Improves Business Processes for Major US Food Retailer
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  • Improve retail operations through a faster, more effective document sharing platform without degrading high priority traffic such as gift card or credit card transactions etc.
  • Allow the GMs and AMS more time for taking care of customers instead of wasting time in the backoffice
  • Enhance employee training through better adoption of online resources
  • Cut costs and avoid additional expenditures in order to maintain margins


  • $594,164.00 in total bandwidth upgrades avoided ($112,000 Phase $482,164.46 Phase II
  • $33,960 reduction in costs of training
  • 68 day payback period on Steelhead Mobile investment
  • 75x faster SharePoint portal access
  • Faster, more effective business processes for change management and employee training


‘We saw our WAN as an under-utilized system for our stores. Not long ago, we rolled out a SharePoint portal to make data, tools, and training more readily accessible to our store general managers. But the operations team saw that the new portal wasn’t being adopted as quickly as we wanted along with the fact GM’s and AMs just stopped accessing the portal due to the delay.’

‘We realized that the performance of the portal was a major limiting factor of usage,’ continued Farley. ‘Key documents or training for stores could take up to 20 minutes to download or not download at all. In fact, many general managers were still getting the documents by fax and standard mail because WAN performance wasn’t good enough.’



  • Steelhead Mobile deployed to 415+ retail locations
  • Steelhead Mobile deployed to 6+ distribution centers and 2 remote offices
  • Steelhead Mobile deployed to 200+ traveling workers
  • One Steelhead appliance was deployed in the data center


“We are continually looking for ways for our retail managers to operate their stores more effectively, and retail employees to be more satisfied with their work environment,”

Steve Farley, Director of Information Systems and Operations

Einstein Noah Restaurant Group

Einstein Noah

Colorado, United States


Consumer Services


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