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Deep Dive on User-Centric APM, Big Data and AI

Join Riverbed for an in-depth technical discussion and demo on how we are applying analytics to a vast, treasure trove of big data to revolutionize APM.

Most application performance management (APM) vendors shy away from big data, believing that it’s too much data to gather, store, and process. As a result, they rely on incomplete data sets and fill in the gaps with algorithms. This legacy approach slows troubleshooting, especially in distributed, dynamic workloads. In today’s digital world, a complete data set – including user data and advanced analytics – is essential to application performance.

Register now to see the power of APM at enterprise scale and shift from data sampling to big data and analytics at your fingertips.

Topics include:

  • Why End User Experience should be a core organizing principle of APM analysis
  • Analytics and AI: How to apply analytics, visualizations, queries and algorithms to surface insights
  • Big data: Key use cases for APM big data
  • In-depth Demo: See Riverbed’s solution for big data and analytics in action

Featured Speakers


Amena Siddiqi

Director, Product Marketing
Riverbed Technology

Peco Karayanev

Peco Karayanev

Director, Product Management
Riverbed Technology

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18 July 2018 2pm BST / 3pm CEST