Virtualization has transformed the way IT builds, manages, and delivers applications. Your operations teams can quickly spin up virtual machines by the thousands. But as more services and functions become virtualized, the orchestration of multiple component life cycles becomes overwhelming.

Manually managing the lifecycle of datacenter services doesn't scale

IT is under relentless pressure to deliver services faster. Anything that requires manual configuration becomes a bottleneck in delivering IT services to market. Manual configuration is also more error-prone. You need to architect for a software-defined datacenter (SDDC) to achieve scalability. Virtualizing network functions is the first step towards a software-defined datacenter, but it’s not enough. You need the APIs to orchestrate the complete lifecycle of network functions. Governing infrastructure by policy allows for scale Riverbed Open APIs allow you to configure the Riverbed Application Performance Platform at scale. You can provision, manage, and de-provision application performance infrastructure centrally with scripted code.

Deliver IT faster at lower cost with service-chain automation

With Riverbed, IT can virtualize and automate application performance infrastructure as part of their software-defined data center. This changes the way applications teams and infrastructure teams work.

Using scripts and APIs to configure and access application performance infrastructure reduces manual work for greater scalability. By automating control of application performance services, IT can deliver resources faster.


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