Maximize Sales Revenue, Reduce Risk, and Control Expenses

With our successful growth strategy in place, it’s critical that all our employees – no matter where they are – can access the key files and applications they need to get their jobs done. With Riverbed, we gain faster applications, the ability to centralize data, shorter backup windows, and reductions in bandwidth utilization. - Gary Williams, Director of End User Computing, Liz Claiborne
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Riverbed helps retail companies maximize profitability and enable better business and technology performance worldwide. Riverbed solutions let you drive down costs, secure data, capitalize on new revenue streams, and establish a platform for efficient growth.


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Riverbed solutions are proven to help retail organizations with IT projects that are aligned to help businesses:

  • Increase performance and availability of critical applications including point-of-sale (POS), supply chain, inventory tracking, digital signage, and loss control
  • Improve the in-store customer experience with faster order management and customer records systems, and efficient streaming of on-demand in-store video 
  • Streamline in-store IT infrastructure and centralize data for cost control, data security, and fast recovery in the event of disaster

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