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Hybrid Work Global Survey 2021

Get executive insights on how to create a high-performing hybrid workplace

Empowering a work-from-anywhere workforce

As organizations transition to hybrid work models, they must deliver a consistent, reliable and secure digital experience to their employees, even as they access data and applications from different locations, devices, and networks.

But ensuring digital experience parity is difficult to do, especially in complex IT environments comprised of multi-cloud, SaaS, and on-premises resources. How can IT teams enable hybrid work when users, networks and applications are distributed, transient and often outside of their direct control? Riverbed can help.

Networking nach der Pandemie: Lösungen für mobile Unternehmen

Not only must network teams revise work-from-home infrastructure strategies in a post-pandemic world, they must also transform operations.
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Post Pandemic Networking


Measure Remote Employee Experience

Get insights into the users’ digital experience, as well as app and device performance and usage over any network, including VPN and home Wi-Fi connections.

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Optimize Remote User Connectivity

Reduce bandwidth utilization by 99% and increase network efficiency by 100x to enable fast, reliable remote connectivity at scale.

Flexible & Extensible Platform

Accelerate Business-Critical App Performance

Extend optimization to laptops for 33x faster app performance and accelerate enterprise SaaS apps, including Office 365, by up to 10x.

Ultimate Agility

Improve Network Resiliency and Security

Achieve 100% visibility of every packet, every flow, and all networked devices to quickly resolve performance problems and mitigate security risks.

Secure your network edge

Products in our Remote Work Solution


Stellen Sie sicher, dass SaaS-, Cloud- und lokale Anwendungen schnell und zuverlässig an jeden Benutzer bereitgestellt werden, unabhängig von Standort und Netzwerktyp.
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Self-healing and visibility into the end-user experience of every app in your portfolio, running on any device.
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Der Riverbed NetProfiler bietet dank Netzwerk-Traffic-Flow-Überwachung zur Optimierung der Netzwerk-Performance, Kapazitätsplanung und Sicherheit tiefgehende Einblicke in den Traffic.
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