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Riverbed delivers ease of implementation and extreme cost savings while accelerating this global business.


  • Dramatically increased available bandwidth
  • Accelerated voice and video traffic
  • Reduced network chattiness


Worldwide technology organization Dassault Systemes needed an infrastructure capable of supporting its 7,500 employees, which were located in 150 locations across the globe. The organization was experiencing high downtime and a diminished ability to collaborate effectively via video conferencing, instant messaging, and other business critical applications. So they turned to Riverbed.

The implementation of Riverbed SteelHead applications immediately reduced Dassault Systemes' hardware spend and helped them develop a new network implementation strategy. And by dramatically reducing network chattiness, the organization experienced a dramatic spike in available bandwidth, which in turn enabled them to implement new network applications, including VoIP.


Accelerated voice and video traffic

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SteelHead offers industry-leading secure optimization of all applications across networks. Learn how Riverbed can help improve your hybrid WAN performance.
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