Improve Patient Care & Services While Reducing Costs


It’s just become part of our standard rollout of any new clinic or any new facility. - Joseph Granneman, CTO, CSO, and Director of Information Technology, Rockford Health System
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Healthcare organizations that choose Riverbed® performance solutions can improve the quality of their patient care and services while simultaneously reducing costs. From national clinic networks to major hospitals, there are many opportunities for improvements in IT performance for systems like electronic medical records (EMR) management, picture archiving and communications (PACS), and digital imaging and communications (DICOM.)

For healthcare groups that have or are considering a protection strategy based on the centralization of backups to the datacenter or public cloud, Riverbed can help deliver continuous operations while also improving capabilities for records backup, archive, and full-site disaster recovery. Through consolidation and security, auditability is improved for regulations such as HIPAA. And with Riverbed healthcare organization solutions IT staff can more efficiently receive the latest training, while patient education and communication is improved.

Healthcare organizations rely on Riverbed to provide performance solutions that help ensure the delivery of high quality care, including:

  • Better application performance and communications for a distributed workforce
  • Faster problem resolution to better meet service level requirements
  • Increased collaboration and information sharing between doctors, specialists, nurses, patients, and researchers
  • Consolidation and reduction of the IT footprint in regional clinics for reduced capital and operating expenses
  • Integrated cloud and centralized storage for better protection of electronic records including EMR and DICOM systems
  • Improved performance, scale, and availability for client-facing websites, including online health information and billing account management

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