Improve Clinician Performance, Deliver Efficient Patient Pathway, Save Money
A women is Working in the laptop about health care information.

How to Improve Clinician & Patient Experience and Application Performance

The need to measure, manage and improve clinician and patient digital experiences is rising. Alluvio Aternity empowers you to deliver the quality of service and responsiveness required by identifying digital experience hot spots across your Healthcare organisation. This will set you on a path to action, improvement and cost saving.


Accelerated application log-in times


Average Reduction in IT spend on hardware refresh


Reduction in mean time to resolution (MTTR)
In today’s hybrid world every digital experience matters for both clinicians and patients. Alluvio Aternity contextualises data across every enterprise endpoint, application and transaction to inform remediation, drive down costs and improve productivity.
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Improve Clinician Experience

Less time spent solving IT problems; more time spent with patients

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Sustainable Cost Reduction

Save energy and CO2 emissions by turning of idle desktops with automation

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Efficient Patient Pathways

Making Digital experiences problem free for clinicians, practitioners, nurses, and consultants

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Yearly IT Savings

Reduce money spent on hardware and software refresh


O365 Savings

Monitor and reduce O365 license types. Do you have too many licenses?

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Shift Left in the Service Desk

Resolve service desk incidents faster and more efficiently to reduce costs

Digital Experience Management

AI-Powered DEM for Clinicians and Patients

End User Experience Monitoring

Make Every Experience a Compelling One

Alluvio Unified Observability

Illuminate the Experience, Unify Data, Insights and Actions

Intelligent Ticketing for ServiceNow Incident Response

Targeted, Smarter Incident Response for Healthcare IT Operations Teams

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Digital Health Webinar with PAH & Riverbed

How Princess Alexandra NHS Trust has empowered Clinician and IT Teams Digital Experiences

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A women is Working in the laptop about health care information.

Digital Experience Management for Healthcare

An introduction to Alluvio Aternity - Digital Experience Management for Healthcare to improve patient and clinician user experience while reducing IT cost.

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NHS Kent: Drive Change & Seamless Digital Experiences

Find out how KCFHT improved clinician experience, efficient patient pathway and saved IT costs with Rivered.

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5 Signs you need Unified Observability in Healthcare

Common Concerns Across Healthcare and How Unified Observability Can Help


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Digital Healthcare

How Princess Alexandra NHS Trust has empowered Clinician and IT Teams Digital Experiences

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