Choice Logistics is a leading provider of outsourced logistics and integrated inventory management solutions, managing over $500 million in inventories worldwide. With over 310 strategic stocking locations (SSLs) in 37 countries, Choice's comprehensive network of secured sites provides local inventory management and expedited delivery services 24 x 7 x 365 for direct deployment of mission-critical parts. The company decided to try an Riverbed® SteelCentral? AppResponse in the main New York data center. 'I was surprised at how fast the setup went,' says Domenick Gandolfo,network engineer at Choice Logistics. 'Even more surprising was the fact that the box helped us diagnose a major problem within a day or two of installation: a failed SAN switch at the disaster recovery center, causing a failover that saturated a secondary fiber port. We were able to diagnose and fix the problem-and make sure that the failover wouldn't cause the same problem in the future-far more quickly than would have been possible before we had the appliance.' He adds that 'this was the first inkling we had of the fast ROI the box would deliver: less than six months.'

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