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Using Riverbed, ABD improves network performance by up to 85 percent without increasing bandwidth.


  • Facilitated migration of email environment by optimizing data flow between data centers
  • Allowed company to consolidate and streamline IT infrastructure
  • Easily accommodated rapid increases in data traffic


When ABD Insurance & Financial decided to switch its email environment from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange, the company knew it would have to optimize the connection between its remote data centers, located throughout the western U.S., and implement data recovery and replication services. Instead of adding more equipment to its system, ABD wanted to consolidate and streamline its IT infrastructure.

To optimize email traffic at its data centers ABD selected Riverbed technology. By offering a variety of flexible equipment and applications, Riverbed was able to meet the company's diverse needs for WAN optimization, data recovery, and replication services.

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SteelHead offre la meilleure optimisation sécurisée du secteur de toutes les applications sur tous les réseaux. Découvrez comment Riverbed peut vous aider à améliorer les performances de votre WAN hybride.
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