e-TF1 is responsible for the website of France's most popular television channel, TF1, which attracts nearly three out of every four French viewers daily. The website,, features news, sports (in combination with Eurosport, Europe's most popular sports channel), interactive games based on such popular programs as The Weakest Link, video, content for mobile devices (WAP, SMS, imode, etc.), and many special-interest areas. More importantly, the website is re-branded, in whole or in part, for many other companies inFrance, including one of the largest French banks, all major French ISPs, LCI (the leading Frenchall-news channel, owned by TF1) and Bouygues Telecom (one of the leading wireless carriersin France and a sister company of TF1). Overall, the website is the number-one media site in France, delivering up to 400 Mbps of video for over 14,000,000 videos a month, so all told, e-TF1 is responsible for seeing that millions of consumers can access this rich content no matter how popular or timely.e-TF1 deployed Riverbed OPNET AppResponse appliance in the Paris data center. It was particularly useful during the World Cup, which resulted in a huge increase in traffic to the web site. They could see the impact on the servers and were able to take action to make sure soccer fans got what they wanted.

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