SteelCentral AppResponse Tradeup Program

Find out how the latest SteelCentral AppResponse can improve your infrastructure with the latest functionality. Trade Up for a new AppResponse to:

  • Monitor up to 4 times more traffic, so that you can plan for growth
  • Store up to 6 times more data, for deeper and more varied analyses
  • Add previously unsupported modules like Shark or DB Performance

Trade up to:

  • Get up to $15,408 in credit when you trade-up qualifying appliances
  • Upgrade existing analysis modules with up to a 90% discount
  • Receive credit for any unused support, and start fresh

Your Next Steps:

  • IDENTIFY: Inventory existing appliances and software modules eligible for trade up.
  • ASSESS NEED: Select new appliances and modules based on current IT and business needs.
  • DETERMINE READINESS: Assess your ability to quickly implement upgrades and leverage new capabilities.
  • CONTACT US: Enter your information to determine trade up or credit eligibility or get help implementing your new solutions.