Network Performance Management Solution

Integrated Network and Infrastructure Visibility for Proactive Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Benefits of Unified Network Performance Management

Understand how network performance impacts business initiatives

Riverbed unified network performance management solution gathers all packets, all flows, all device metrics – all the time. It does this across all environments, on-premises, virtual, and cloud, to enable business-centric views across all your domains. It also integrates with end-user experience and application performance monitoring so that you can understand the impact of network performance on critical business initiatives.

Remove cloud blind spots

No question, monitoring hybrid and multi-cloud environments can be challenging. Just knowing who is responsible for troubleshooting can be a point of contention. Riverbed unified network performance monitoring removes cloud visibility blind spots. Understand what’s causing your cloud problems; improve user experience; and identify the issues that are driving up cloud costs.

Proactively detect and fix network performance problems

Only 39% of performance issues are proactively detected. That’s because most organizations use fragmented, siloed toolsets. All the dashboards say green but the users still complain. Riverbed unified NPM integrates all your disparate visibility data into one common Portal and leverages AIOps to identify complex problems earlier. Our streamlined troubleshooting workflows let ITOps teams troubleshoot problems before end users even notice something occurred.

Eliminate the finger pointing

It’s a common fact that “it’s always the network.” With a unified view of network, application, infrastructure management plus end user experience, you can more quickly determine exactly what the root case is. No more finger pointing! All ITOps domains work together from a common dataset to solve performance problems faster and more efficiently.

A complete performance management platform like Riverbed is an option to consider as it helps identify the causes of problems and prevent failures proactively. IT administrators should move more proactively for efficient IT management and operation, enabled by end-to-end visibility for complete monitoring.”
Naehyung Kim, Team Leader, HQ Systems, Ministop Korea, Co. Ltd.

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