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How can you catch application problems?

Whether they’re employees or customers, end-users today demand lightning-fast applications and the ability to work anywhere, on any device. As a result, real-time application monitoring has become critical to monitor and troubleshoot the ultimate measure of application performance: the end-user’s experience. However a user accesses an application – from a desktop at home, laptop in a hotel room or from a mobile device in a café - real-user monitoring is a key component of a complete performance monitoring solution.

Be the first to know your application is down

Synthetic monitoring, also known as active testing, is useful for measuring availability and response time of critical web pages and transactions. Use synthetic transactions to test business-to-business web services that use SOAP, REST or other web service technologies or to monitor critical database queries for availability. Synthetic monitoring complements RUM, and is essential for monitoring key transaction availability 24 x 7 – even during off hours.

Understand web transaction and network response time – measured at the page level

Many competitive products only offer HTTP request/response measurement, which doesn’t take into account the entire web page that users are waiting for. You need to understand all sources of delay: server delay, network delay, browser render time, redirect time, resource loading times, and DNS lookup delay. Measure and track the entire web transaction, not the objects on the page.

Protect your business with end-user experience monitoring and troubleshooting

Keeping on top of the end-user experience provides the early warning signs that business-critical applications may seem to end-users to be running slowly, frustrating them and impacting your business. Don’t be caught without this critical protection!

  • Monitor end-user experience with minimal instrumentation and zero footprint in the IT environment
  • Accelerate triage and troubleshooting of application performance problems
  • Restore visibility into end-user experience for applications hosted in the public cloud
  • Extend end-user experience monitoring to all users, wherever they are located

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Alluvio AppResponse provides fast packet capture and storage that feeds intelligent network and application analysis with fast troubleshooting workflows to speed problem diagnosis and resolution.

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