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Maximizing Visibility, Performance and Security for a Hybrid Public Sector

The pandemic has tested public sector organizations like never before, broadening the scope of agency missions and expanding IT’s role in supporting Max Telework policies and remote workforces. Networks designed for a different era are being modernized in real time, adapted, and expanded to support employees working from anywhere. Cloud infrastructure and SaaS applications are being deployed at unprecedented scale and speed to enable employees to collaborate, communicate and achieve their missions.

At all levels of government and across all types of missions, Riverbed’s network visibility and acceleration solutions are helping public sector organizations thrive in this hybrid world and become more resilient. Meeting today’s challenges — strengthening IT security, advancing digital transformation initiatives, improving user experience, supporting hybrid workforces – demands optimized networks that offer actionable insights. Riverbed’s deep experience and proven solutions help public sector organizations meet these challenges, solve agency pain points and achieve outcomes that allow for continued mission success.

Improving Resiliency and Security for Agency Reentry Plans and The Hybrid Future

Accelerating Network Performance and the Digital Experience to Navigate the Path to a Secure, Hybrid Future
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Benefits of Riverbed's Government Solutions

IT security strategies are shifting. The new mantra is to assume that adversaries are in your network and operate with zero trust. Riverbed’s visibility solutions remove blind spots and aligns NetOps, SecOps, and IT Teams to achieve end-to-end visibility across the entire network environment.

Public sector organizations have adapted because of the pandemic and are now planning for a hybrid future. Riverbed’s solutions help ensure the peak performance and productivity of the networks, apps and devices remote users need to achieve mission success anywhere, at any time.

Nearly all apps and network traffic are now encrypted using SSL/TLS protocols, offering needed security, but at the expense of latency and performance. Riverbed’s acceleration solutions boost the performance of any SSL/TLS app by up to 10x while reducing network bandwidth needs by up to 99%.

Use Cases

Government Application & Network Performance

Ensure the performance and productivity of government networks and apps
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Optimisation des communications tactiques et par satellite

Grâce aux outils Riverbed d'optimisation tactique et par satellite, vous obtenez un débit supérieur et l’accélération de la distribution des applications, poussant le data center vers la périphérie du réseau
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Cas d'utilisation : l’adoption du cloud dans le secteur public

Riverbed détecte et résout les problèmes imprévus associés à l'adoption du cloud avant votre migration, pour une transition fluide et une expérience utilisateur améliorée
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Accelerate Encrypted Network Traffic and Apps with Ease

Simplify the process of accelerating SSL/TLS traffic and apps to unlock additional network capacity
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Cas d'utilisation : cyber-résilience et visibilité dans le secteur public

Riverbed permet la cyber-résilience : la capacité à réagir et à récupérer en fonction de ce qui se produit en ce moment et de ce qui risque de se produire ensuite.
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Simplify IT Modernization Initiatives

Riverbed offers innovative, cutting edge solutions to todays IT Modernization initiatives through end-to-end visibility and support across complex infrastructure and applications.
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