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WAN Optimisation and SD-WAN: Better Together

Delivering Reliable Connectivity and High Network Performance for Critical Applications

Optimisation of applications and data traffic has been an integral part of the WAN since its inception. WAN optimisation accelerates application traffic by overcoming latency and reducing the amount of data traversing the WAN.

Today, enterprises are rapidly adopting SD-WAN as a preferred solution when rearchitecting their WANs. SD-WAN is transforming the way networks support enterprise applications, dramatically increasing application performance by intelligently controlling and efficiently utilising all available WAN transport resources.

Some believe that SD-WAN reduces or, in some cases, eliminates the need for more aggressive WAN optimisation techniques. However, in most cases, additional performance is still required for specific applications or geographically remote locations. SD-WAN and WAN optimisation solve fundamentally different problems. They are complementary when deployed together.

In this session, you will have the opportunity to:

• Explore problems faced using legacy architecture and systems
• Understand the different problems that WAN Optimization and SD-WAN each solve
• Experience the newest solutions helping power your digital business of tomorrow
• Learn how to address the challenges of visibility of your SDWAN network
• Hear from a customer on why they chose to deploy both WAN Optimisation and SD-WAN to deliver reliable connectivity and high network performance for their business-critical applications

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