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Leveraging SteelHead WAN optimization and SteelCentral application performance management, B/E Aerospace built a centralized application environment that permits quick resolution of issues and good application performance for end-users worldwide.
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  • Slow performance of centralized applications
  • Budget concerns prevented bandwidth expansion
  • Identifying sources of app slowdowns took hours to days


  • Users now satisfied with centralized apps; log-in time for one dropped by 50%
  • 60% reduction in WAN traffic
  • Troubleshooting applications and network performance problems in minutes instead of hours or days
  • Development response time to business unit ‘vastly improved’


B/E Aerospace is a leader in commercial and military aviation design with 30,000 employees working in a network of operations spanning 150 countries. From cockpit to cabin, the company’s expertise in aircraft electronics, cabin design and more helps pilots safely navigate the planet while keeping passengers comfortable and connected.

B/E Aerospace is an aviation industry leader in the design and manufacture of interior cabin components such as oxygen systems, comfortable seating, cabin lighting, galley systems (including food and beverage preparation), advanced lavatories, and more. Operating in 50 locations around the world, B/E Aerospace specializes in bringing comfort and safety to air travelers.



We used to get a lot of complaints about network performance from the users and we don’t hear than anymore. I would never want to give up AppResponse.

Chris Elder, Senior Manager, Enterprise Networks and Data Center Operations

B/E Aerospace

I can't explain how good AppInternals really is. There’s nothing that I can't see or explain. Having a tool like this is life changing

Derek Turner, Senior .NET and SharePoint Developer

B/E Aerospace

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North Carolina, United States



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