Calsonic Kansei (China) Holding Company

Chinese auto-parts maker uses Riverbed solutions to boost performance of Microsoft Office 365 and other SaaS applications to accelerate digital transformation
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  • Poor performance of SaaS applications,including Office 365,a negative impact on end-user experience and impeded digital transformation initiatives
  • Sharp rise in IT spending resulting from bandwidth-intensive cloud applications and services
  • Loss of visibility and control over SaaS applications puts future service availability, application performance,and end-user productivity at risk
  • Lack of tools to accurately plan for future cloud migration/deployments puts future projects at higher risk for budget overrun


  • Improved app performance, end-user productivity, and experience:-Dramatically accelerated email, reducing bandwidth consumption, and decreasing traffic by up to 50%Reduced bandwidth by more than 70% for ERP system and file sharing applications
  • Improved visibility of and control over new cloud environment
  • Reduced costs and effectively controlled budget
  • Accelerated digital transformation initiatives:- Tools for capacity planning, dependency mapping, and SLA analysis helped establish a foundation for the rollout of new business initiatives and cloud deployments


Calsonic Kansei (China) Holding Company is a subsidiary of Calsonic Kansei Corporation of Japan, a global company involved in the design and manufacturing of automotive parts. Calsonic Kansei China has experienced rapid growth since it was established in 2002, and has more than 4,000 employees across 14 locations in nine Chinese cities.

When Calsonic Kansei China, a leading manufacturer of automotive components, sought to manage its rapid growth by employing a cloud-first strategy, the introduction of bandwidth-intensive applications and services to the network resulted in a sharp rise in IT spending; and poor application performance impacted end-user experience, productivity, and collaboration. Calsonic Kansei China deployed Riverbed® SteelHead™ in order to accelerate the performance of business-critical SaaS applications like Microsoft Office 365, curbing rising IT costs and paving the way for future digital transformation initiatives.




We saw every connection accelerate during both the proof of concept and deployment,” Huang explains. “Email traffic was optimized by more than 50 percent, ERP and file sharing traffic by more than 70 percent. Users in our Shanghai head office were blown away by 2x faster email delivery speeds and overall improvements to system response.

Binbin Huang, Director of IT Management

Calsonic Kansei China

SteelHead appliances were easy to install and manage, with a simple, intuitive user interface that worked within our existing network environment,” Huang explains. Riverbed spared no efforts to support us on the project implementation. Their team was deeply engaged from the project design stage to ensure success.

Binbin Huang, Director of IT Management

Calsonic Kansei China


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