Cbp takes control of branch IT with Riverbed.
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  • Making the company’s data center applications accessible to its overseas subsidiaries
  • Virtualizing its physical servers
  • No longer storing data and applications in remote locations


  • Providing real-time access to data and applications from the company’s five subsidiaries
  • No more on-site storage, centralization of data and backup
  • Managing and optimizing application performance
  • Looking at outsourcing storage to the Cloud and using Gmail instead of the existing messaging service


Cbp provides expertise in the domain of brokerage, credit insurance consultancy services and pension products. The Cbp group has been offering its clients a range of bespoke digital solutions for twenty-five years. Cbp assists its European clients, which include internationally renowned banks and the biggest European insurance companies, by providing them with advice as well as operational services: call centers, risk selection, processing policy applications and claims through its local platforms. When a distributor sells a loan it must be covered by an insurance policy. All policyholder files are processed over the phone, by mail or email or through web platforms solely dedicated to data management.

Cbp actively participates in the European insurance and protection product market by developing products and solutions not only perfectly suited to its policyholders but to its partners too. In 2015, Cbp represented one out of four mortgages handled by Cbp France.

With over 700 employees, Cbp operates from its headquarters in Nantes but also from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Poland. Cbp’s goal? To become the leading credit insurance provider in Europe.

For more information, please visit our website at: www.cbp-group.com



“The major advantage of using SteelFusion integrated with SteelHead is that the data is protected and, in the event of a business continuity plan being triggered following a crisis in a subsidiary, it can be up and running in just a few hours.”

Olivier Lavry, Head of Networks & Telecoms


“Riverbed SteelFusion and SteelHead have given us back control over our branch IT. We can be certain that staff are getting the best possible user experience and if we need to scale a branch up or down, we know we can do it quickly and efficiently without having to invest heavily in local IT.”

Olivier Lavry, Head of Networks & Telecoms


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Nantes, France


Finance and Insurance

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