Riverbed SteelCentral™ AppResponse Defends the Network
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  • Inability to plan effectively for network expansion
  • Difficulty defending against “the network is slow” claims
  • Hard to pinpoint and resolve issues across application, server, and network “silos”
  • Time lost to inefficient collaboration between teams


  • Much faster problem identification and resolution
  • Greatly improved collaboration between management teams
  • Better capacity planning for new office rollouts
  • Reduced expenditures on network management products


CDC IXIS is an international bank headquartered in France that provides institutional investors, companies, and local and regional governments with financial services such as capital markets, financing, banking and securities services, asset management, and financial guaranty. A subsidiary of Compagnie Financière EULIA and Caisse des depots, CDC IXIS boasts 29 billion in assets and employs more than 5300 people worldwide, more than 40% of them outside of France in its many international offices, which account for more than half of its business.

CDC IXIS North America, based in New York, oversees the bank’s steady expansion into the American market. The IT staff in New York play a critical role in that expansion, as well as day-to-day operations, keeping the bank’s battery of applications running over its LANs, WAN, and VPNs and making sure that the network can support new offices as
they come on line. Because all of the bank’s important applications are hosted in the New York data center and accessed via VPN, network performance and utilization are critical issues.



  • AppResponse Xpert Appliance deployed in New York data center
  • Ability to quickly pinpoint the source of response problems
  • Accurate, highly granular measurements of network performance and usage
  • Business groups defined to support the needs of each department


Within the first week of evaluation the [AppResponse Xpert] appliance box caught two problems

Henry Yiin, Manager of Network Administration


The AppResponse Xpert appliance has become one of my main tools, and one with a larger proportion of useful features than anything else I use. In fact, now that we have it, I can’t think of any other tool that I need to add.

Henry Yiin, Manager of Network Administration



New York, North America


Finance and Insurance

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