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Riverbed SteelCentral™ AppResponse Gives Insight into Application Performance
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  • Lack of application performance insight needed to defend the network against “the network is slow” complaints
  • Difficulty dealing with security and acceptable-use infringements
  • Too much time spent “fire fighting,” too little time available for strategic projects


  • Quick diagnosis of security and acceptable-use issues
  • A faster and more efficient network team
  • Immediate awareness of performance degradation in critical applications
  • More time for strategic projects


The foundation of what would become Colgate University was established in 1817 by 13 men meeting in the frontier community of Hamilton, New York, with “13 dollars, 13 prayers, and 13 articles.” To this day, the Colgate community considers 13 a lucky number.

Today, Colgate University is a nationally recognized liberal arts college with some 2,750 undergraduates enrolled in 51 programs. The University offers an award-winning curriculum, off-campus study program leading to the bachelor of arts, and a small graduate program for the master of arts and the master of arts in teaching. Colgate also offers an off-campus study program and numerous research opportunities.



  • An AppResponse Xpert appliance in the university data center
  • Extensive real-time and historical reporting of over 60 critical metrics
  • Easy drill-down to problem cause and responsible party
  • Reports network and application performance metrics in terms of business impact


We were able to diagnose one major problem in less than an hour, where before it might have taken a day or more.

Michael Evans, Senior Network and Systems Analyst

University’s Network and Operations Department

We can’t just lock down the network like a business could, because open communication is the essence of education.

Michael Evans, Senior Network and Systems Analyst

University’s Network and Operations Department

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Hamilton, New York



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