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Faster Problem Localization and Resolution
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  • Difficulty getting “big picture” view of complex, dynamic network
  • Inability to quickly localize performance problems
  • Hard to distinguish between network, server, and application problems
  • Too much time spent “fire-fighting”


  • Improved overview of network utilization and performance
  • Much faster problem localization and resolution, more time available for new initiatives
  • More precise identification of the cause of application performance issues


Duane Morris LLP, among the 100 largest law firms in the United States, is a full-service firm of approximately 550 lawyers. In addition, Duane Morris affiliates have approximately 40 professionals engaged in a number of nonlegal service businesses. The firm represents clients across the nation and around the world through a combination of 22 offices and relationships with two international networks of independent law firms.

Evolving from a partnership of prominent lawyers in Philadelphia a century ago, Duane Morris now has offices in many major markets and, according to The National Law Journal, is one of the fastest growing law firms in the United States. The firm has doubled in size in the past five years, and continues to expand across the country and overseas through non-merger growth.

Moreover, since the deployment of the AppResponse Xpert appliance is quite easy, requiring only a passive connection to a spanning port or tap at a data aggregation point such as a switch, it can deliver useful information almost immediately.



  • Riverbed AppResponse Xpert Appliance deployed in Philadelphia data center
  • Real-time, device-independent view of application performance and network utilization
  • Alerts presented in context of server, network, and client issues
  • Insight into server and network components of application performance


This increasing complexity made it imperative to build a suite of products that could give us a big-picture, proactive means of managing our infrastructure

John Sroka, CIO

Duane Morris

Its ability to drill down from the symptoms reported by users to the offending device or problem means we’re no longer fighting phantoms and guessing at root causes

John Sroka, CIO

Duane Morris

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Philadelphia, United States



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