Help-Desk Personnel Resolves Higher Percentage of Network Problems
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  • Inability to quickly troubleshoot performance problems
  • Inability to baseline, manage rollout, and prove benefits of upcoming MPLS upgrade
  • Too much time fire-fighting, no time for new business-critical IT projects


  • Much faster problem localization and resolution
  • Ability to optimize application performance before and after MPLS rollout
  • Insights empower help-desk to solve problems, spare high-level engineers
  • More time for business-critical IT projects, improved IT support for business


The world leader in private aviation, NetJets invented fractional jet ownership in 1986 and today operates the world’s largest and most diversified fleet of business jets, which includes fourteen of the most popular business jets in the world. NetJets’ fractional aircraft ownership allows individuals and companies to buy a piece of a private business jet at a fraction of the cost of whole aircraft ownership, and guarantees availability 365 days a year with just a few hours’ notice.

This guarantee, and the concomitant need for ensuring proper maintenance and rapid turnaround of its jets wherever they are, naturally makes NetJets’ corporate network a critical resource. The company’s data center in Columbus, Ohio, communicates via IPsec VPN to thirty remote locations including critical overseas offices in London and Lisbon.

Since network quality of service (QoS) is so critical for NetJets’ operations, the company has decided to upgrade to MPLS. However, Eric Bishop, a Senior Network Engineer responsible for network planning and oversight of day- to-day troubleshooting, worried that they’d lose track of network performance during the transition. Further, lacking an accurate baseline for existing performance, they wouldn’t be able to prove that the implementation had delivered the benefits promised.



  • A distributed AppResponse Xpert solution
  • Monitor performance and utilization for all critical applications and links before, during, and after MPLS rollout.
  • AppResponse Xpert Insights encapsulate best practices for wide range of management tasks

“Using Insights, which make the rich [AppResponse Xpert] metric set available to all skill levels, my less technically-sophisticated help-desk personnel can resolve a much higher percentage of network problems without kicking them upstairs. That leaves my high-level network engineers free to focus on ‘meatier’ projects that advance our bottom line.”

Eric Bishop, Senior Network Engineer


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