Baker Engineering and Risk Consultants

Riverbed helps this risk management company engineer a safer world by enabling fast application performance involving extremely large data sets over the WAN, and securing 100% of its sensitive data in a data center.
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  • Centralize engineering applications and huge data sets without slowing application performance
  • Remove highly sensitive data from remote offices
  • Accelerate data transfer to disaster recovery site


  • 100-gigabyte files now transfer in one hour versus 8 to 10
  • Centralized applications perform as if local
  • 65% reduction in replication traffic
  • Sensitive data safely stored in data center
  • $20K to $40K savings per remote office


Baker Engineering and Risk Consultants, Inc. (BakerRisk) is an international consulting firm with six offices across the US, Canada, and the UK. With 170 engineers, scientists, and staff, the company provides risk assessment, engineering solutions, R&D, testing services and forensic accident investigations to oil, gas, refining, chemical processing, fertilizer production and related industries.

BakerRisk provides comprehensive risk management engineering services to companies whose very existence exemplifies high-risk. Consider a one million square-foot chemical processing facility. What would happen if one high-pressure valve failed, releasing a stream of flammable liquid onto everything within 50 feet? How thick does the wall of oil refinery tank need to be to withstand a bomb blast? BakerRisk helps companies identify, analyze, and engineer solutions to prevent the worst-case scenarios that keep CEOs up at night.



Without Riverbed, our engineers wouldn’t be able to do their business the way they do it today.

Robert Mumphrey, Director of IT


Our remote sites are lean—a router, a couple switches and the SteelFusion appliance.

Robert Mumphrey, Director of IT


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San Antonio, United States


Architecture Engineering

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