Manually stitching together data and metrics from across your infrastructure and applications is painful. APIs make it possible to pull that data into a “single pane of glass”. But you need an application flexible enough to meet your custom requirements.

Navigating between interfaces to find IT data takes too long

Your organization’s combination of IT systems is unique. You have a number of systems and software technologies, each with their own metrics. But when the business or IT leaders want to know what’s happening, operations teams must navigate from interface to interface to assemble a holistic view, like piecing together a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle.
With systems becoming more complex and IT teams pressed for time, you need a customized interface that can meet your organizations unique needs. You need to automate how your teams gather metrics. And you need to integrate with the workflows and processes that your organization uses to meet business objectives.
Building a custom application for your IT data and processes is now easier
The Riverbed SteelScript Application Framework provides the foundation for custom IT applications. Designed to query data from disparate sources, SteelScript Application Framework is a customizable hub of IT metrics.
Riverbed’s application performance platform has open APIs that surface critical application and network performance data into the SteelScript Application Framework. There, the data is processed with other data from your systems to build a customized view for IT operations teams.
Learn more about SteelScript Application Framework and Riverbed’s open APIs.

Keep IT operations productive by automating IT processes and reporting

Time and labor are the most precious IT resources. If you could streamline how operations teams gather the metrics they need, you save precious hours for more important work. Riverbed Open APIs give you the flexibility to pull metrics from Riverbed in the ways you need.

Building a custom application has typically been a daunting task. But with the SteelScript Application Framework, much of the core code is already done. From this foundation, you can focus what data you have to use and what processes you have to automate.


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