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What is a Python SDK?

With SteelScript for Python you can use the popular Python programming language to make calls into Riverbed’s application performance infrastructure. A software development kit (SDK) is a set of tools that enables developers to build custom applications. Developers use the SDK in the programming language of their choice to script the logic of their applications. Often SDKs are part of an integrated development environment (IDEs) to keep track of their code and fix bugs.

Python is a powerful programming language with a large open-source community. SDKs for Python provide libraries that developers can use to program in Python.


SteelScript for Python is an SDK built on Riverbed's Open APIs

You can use the popular Python scripting language to make calls into Riverbed’s application performance infrastructure. The SDK takes care of many low-level details for you so you can concentrate on the details specific to your use case.

Since many developers already know and use Python, SteelScript for Python makes it easier to use Riverbed Open APIs. With SteelScript for Python, you can:

  • Get started quickly based on example scripts
  • Develop applications faster by leveraging the vast number of modules available for Python
  • Build upon shared code samples from the Riverbed and Python communities

Get more out of your investment in Riverbed with SteelScript for Python

SteelScript for Python lets you leverage existing developer skills as you build the customization, integration, and automation that’s right for your business.


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