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With new solutions from Riverbed Technology and VMware, you can cut the costs of operating IT infrastructure, improve cloud deployment and network visibility, and boost application performance for your users.

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  • Desktop+ComputingVirtual Desktop Performance

    Riverbed and VMware solutions elimate the challenges of VDI deployments.

    To meet the demands of end users and IT organizations, enterprises are turning to desktop virtualization to deliver greater flexibility and reliability while increasing the efficiency and security of managing desktop environments. However, the promises of desktop virtualization are not always easy to realize in complex, real-world deployments.

    VMware View allows IT to simplify and automate the management of thousands of desktops and to securely deliver desktop as a service to users from a central location with levels of availability and reliability unmatched by traditional PCs. By delivering secure access to applications and data to any device, when and where the user needs it, VMware View provides end users with the highest levels of mobility and flexibility.

    Branch VDI

    Riverbed and VMware have partnered to deliver a solution for workers in remote locations. Our joint Branch Office Desktop solution leverages a new architectural approach featuring Riverbed SteelFusion that “projects” VMware View virtual desktops to the edge where it runs as if it were local, enabling local performance even in the event of WAN outages, ensuring branch user productivity and satisfaction.

    Application Level Control

    Riverbed and VMware partnered to ensure that users always have secure, easy, and quick access to their virtual desktops no matter what device they are using, and no matter where they are accessing from. The integration of the SteelApp Traffic Manager with VMware View AlwaysOn Desktop solution provides high availability and business continuity.

    Application-Aware NPM

    SteelCentral application-aware network performance management solutions provide several inexpensive methods for achieving remote site visibility. These include capturing packets from existing SteelHead appliances, using Virtual SteelCentral NetShark on vSphere, or by collecting NetFlow from existing network infrastructure.

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  • Data CenterData Center

    Together, VMware and Riverbed allow global companies to effectively consolidate servers and implement cost-effective IT initiatives.

    Consolidation without compromise

    Enterprises are increasingly looking to consolidate their file/application server infrastructure from remote offices to reduce costs, simplify management, and meet compliance demands. In addition, they are looking to increase server utilization and lower their TCO.

    Riverbed solutions help enterprises unlock the true potential of virtualization by enabling the consolidation of IT resources from branch offices to central sites or data centers without negatively impacting the end-user experience. Enterprises can reduce the capital costs of acquiring new servers and the operational costs of deploying them in remote locations while gaining the ability to manage them from a central site.

    Consolidation with SteelHead

    Consolidation remains a top IT priority in businesses across verticals as organizations seek greater cost efficiency, improved data protection, and flexible resource provisioning. By enabling data center consolidation, infrastructure centralization, and branch services consolidation, Riverbed has helped 1000s of customers achieve business agility.

    SteelCentral Enhances Consolidation

    SteelCentral application-aware network performance management enhances consolidation efforts by as much as 20% (IDC), providing visibility into network and application performance and dependencies to enhance planning, manage capacity, and accelerate troubleshooting before, during, and after deployment.

    vSphere Replication & SteelHead

    vSphere Replication provides a cost-effective and simple-to-manage solution for replicating virtual machines and their associated data between remote locations. When faced with the performance challenges inherent in moving large amounts of data over a WAN, SteelHead WAN optimization solutions combined with vSphere Replication can be leveraged to ensure that data replication objectives can be met, while reducing the cost of WAN infrastructure.

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  • Cloud & VirtualizationCloud & Virtualization

    Riverbed and VMware have solutions to help enterprises overcome challenges moving workloads between clouds.

    Improve cloud performance & flexibility

    Cloud computing changed the paradigm of computing within and beyond the boundaries of the data center, and now software-defined networks (SDN) enable the creation of virtual data centers in mere minutes.

    Moving workloads between clouds in a secure and efficient manner is more imperative than ever before. The movement of data across WANs comes with its own challenges that need to be addressed in order to successfully move workloads between clouds.

    vCloud & the SteelHead Product Family

    SteelHead WAN optimization can work within and across clouds to enhance VMware vCloud Connector to make movement of data and workloads over long distances feasible. And using vCloud™ Director, vShield™ Manager, and the vCloud Ecosystem Framework, customers can easily enable SteelHead™ CX capabilities into their cloud infrastructure to deliver WAN optimization as a service.

    VXLAN & SteelCentral Network Performance Management

    SteelCentral application-aware network performance management solutions now support comprehensive monitoring and troubleshooting for VMware VXLAN overlay networks. They provide end-to-end visibility across the WAN, LAN, and within virtualized environments and software-defined data centers.

    vFabric Application Director & SteelApp

    Provision and scale your high performance applications faster in a hybrid cloud environment, and accelerate time to market and reduce costs with out of the box application blueprints.

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    Joint Solutions

    SteelHead and SteelFusion Products

    SteelApp ADC

    SteelCentral Application-Aware NPM


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