Business Resilience

Adapt and prosper with visibility and monitoring tools that boost your network’s performance, compliance and security.

Why is Business Resilience key to overall brand equity?

As organizations transition from legacy to multi-cloud networks IT teams need to adapt to disruptions, accelerate operational transformation and improve business responsiveness while maintaining continuous operations and safeguarding the people and assets that drive the brand.

Business Resilience Enables Operational Transformation Across Modern Hybrid Networks

The Riverbed Network Observability portfolio delivers increased business resilience, enabling and accelerating operational transformation across hybrid networks.  Our solution helps IT teams adapt to disruptions while maintaining continuous operations and safeguarding people, assets, and overall brand equity.  Unlike other NPM solutions, Riverbed Network Observability delivers granular visibility across network domains, giving insight across hybrid environments.

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Achieve Business Resilience

Riverbed Network Observability Delivers Performance Enhancement, Operational Governance and Forensic Driven Security

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Signs your hybrid network lacks resilience.

What Does Business Resilience for Hybrid Networks Look Like?

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Application slowdowns and performance issues

Conflicting data from solutions and various elements in your hybrid network can cause application slowdowns which effects overall network performance.

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Failed internal and external compliance requirements

Enterprises on average spend millions resolving noncompliance issues. NetOps teams using a variety of vendors, applications, and monitoring tools makes it difficult to meet governmental and organizational compliance requirements.

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Data breaches and security concerns

NetOps teams manage a combination of on-premise data centers and cloud environments in hybrid networks. Each element’s different security needs, makes them vulnerable to attacks like Ransomware, DDoS and Man in the Middle.

Don’t operate in the dark

According to the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) report, End to End Network and Visibility Trends, 68% of IT professionals say that unified observability is very important in their network environment and believe the following:


comprehensive visibility helps mitigate risk when making changes


comprehensive visibility accelerates troubleshooting


comprehensive visibility helps IT teams better understand vulnerabilities


The Riverbed Network Observability portfolio supports business resilience in modern networks in the following ways: 

Elevate Your Network's Visibility and Performance

New Riverbed Network Observability performance enhancements help address growing network demands and mitigate compromising network events by delivering full fidelity insights at lightning-fast speed to NetOps and SecOps teams.


Ensure Operational Governance and Compliance

The Riverbed Network Observability portfolio helps network teams with oversight through orchestration and data management. Compliance, whether directed by organizational or governmental requirements, is a way to safeguard the network.


Engage Intelligent Security Methods Against Cyber Threats

Riverbed Network Observability products play a strategic role in the overall security of hybrid networks. NPM products need to be seamlessly integrated into an organization’s automated processes to remove the potential risk from manual administration.

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Featured Products & Use Cases

Discover how the Riverbed Network Observability portfolio delivers better business resilience

Network Observability

Unified network performance visibility for proactive monitoring and troubleshooting.

Riverbed NetProfiler

NetProfiler provides in-depth traffic insights with network traffic flow monitoring to optimize network performance, capacity planning and security.

Riverbed AppResponse

AppResponse provides fast packet capture and storage that feeds intelligent network and application analysis with fast troubleshooting workflows to speed problem diagnosis and resolution.

Riverbed NetIM

Infrastructure Manager helps companies proactively discover, collect & monitor infrastructure and analyze performance

Riverbed Portal

Portal leverages cross-domain network and application data to create a dynamic visibility dashboard of application performance.

Security & Compliance

Identify, remediate and protect against internal and external security threats


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Achieve Business Resilience: The Riverbed Network Observability delivers better business resilience

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