Zero Trust Visibility

Proactively detect and mitigate issues in SASE environments
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Zero Trust Network Architectures (ZTNA) securely connect workers in cloud, remote and on-prem environments by tunneling data. However, tunneling inhibits traditional monitoring.
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Loss of visibility

Network teams unable to monitor network traffic within tunneled SASE environments

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Unable to identify where problems are occurring

SASE tunnels combine and homogenize data traversing them, so IT loses the detail they need to identify problems and what’s causing them.


SASE Adoption Growing Rapidly

The rapid adoption of Zero Trust Network Architectures (ZTNA) provides enhanced security but opens ITOps to new visibility blind spots.


of organizations are expected to adopt SASE / SSE by 2025 (Gartner)


Unified Observability deciphers SASE issues

Riverbed IQ unified observability identifies problems in zero trust network architectures, like SASE or SSE, including identifying which users are having issues, the severity of the issue, how users are accessing applications, and the specific problem area (ISP, VPN, or specific gateways).

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Observing Zero Trust Networks

Stymied by visibility blind spots in your SASE or SSE?


Speed ZTNA Troubleshooting

Surface trouble indicators with scope, severity, and root cause of remote work and Security Service Edge problems using unified observability.

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Solution Brief

Monitoring Remote Work and SSE Environments

Proactively find and fix performance issues across your Zero Trust network


Riverbed IQ

SaaS-delivered Unified Observability service that surfaces impactful issues with the context to solve problems fast.

Riverbed Aternity for End User Experience Monitoring

Self-healing and visibility into the end-user experience of every application running on any device from a quantitative and qualitative perspective of the end user.


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