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Ensure your customer's digital journey delivers a world-class experience
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Omni-channel customer experience affects revenue, churn rates, and customer satisfaction. To improve business outcomes, IT needs visibility into user journeys across complex web environments.
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Complex environments

Third-party content affects customer experience

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Increasing expectations

Customers demand immediate response time

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Business impact

Floods of technical telemetry


How Riverbed Solves These Challenges

Track User Engagement Across Your Site

Increase engagement by optimizing the performance of high converting journeys and cost-justify improvements where poor experience results in drop-offs

Analyze the Impact of Customer Experience on Business Outcomes

Associate performance with business metrics like revenue,  conversion rate, and abandonment rate so that you can focus efforts on the most impactful issues

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Visualize How Your Web Pages Load

Aggregate performance waterfalls, web page filmstrips, and screenshots from synthetic tests help you fine-tune the loading order of all your first and third-party content before you deploy changes

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Aternity User Journey Intelligence


Proactively Detect and Resolve Issues 7 x 24

Find problems before customers notice by running synthetic monitoring tests across our global node network or from within your firewall to detect issues with site availability, browser response time, page load time and JavaScript errors

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Synthetic Transaction Monitoring


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