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Milliseconds matter to mission success
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Accelerate Decisions & Improve Mission Outcomes

As missions become more distributed, today’s warfighters are operating in increasingly complex IT environments. To operationalize data and make the most effective decisions requires total and timely situational awareness. Riverbed’s equips warfighters with actionable insights from data that spans complex tactical and enterprise network environments. Our unified observability and acceleration solutions let mission leaders see and optimize the performance of any network or application—whether it’s on prem, in the cloud or anywhere in between. The result is a seamless digital experience that spans air, land, and sea to support the warfighter and improve mission outcomes.

Decision dominance and operational flexibility demands that every network and app to function at peak speed and performance. Without a unified view of the IT environment, warfighters risk falling behind in their awareness and operations—especially for missions where every millisecond matters.
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Enabling high fidelity network and application performance

Across all domains and environments

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Accelerating decision making and information sharing

From the edge to the enterprise.

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Improving warfighter and end user experiences

Anytime, anywhere the mission demands


Riverbed Platform

Learn how the Riverbed Platform extracts the value of data with actionable insights and intelligent automation

Riverbed is on a path to delivering an observability solution that unifies data, insights, and actions for all IT. With unified observability, IT can eliminate data silos, war rooms, and alert fatigue.

Application Acceleration

Accelerating applications and services across the digital enterprise – fast, agile and secure app delivery to anyone, anywhere

The rapid pace of digitization and transformational shifts to hybrid work, modern application architectures, and hybrid cloud networks make it difficult for IT teams to keep digital services accessible.


Improve the Performance of Government Networks and Applications

Ensure the performance and productivity of government networks and apps

Optimize Tactical and Satellite Communications

From the edge to command and control, mission-critical users demand reliable communications over satellite and terrestrial networks.

Accelerate Encrypted Network Traffic and Apps with Ease

Simplify the process of accelerating SSL/TLS traffic and apps to unlock additional network capacity


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