Change Management

Ensure success of both strategic and tactical IT initiatives
Take on the most relevant IT change projects based on potential impact to the business, then make sure they deliver the expected improvements.
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Invest for the biggest pay-off

Target investments to where they’re needed most

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Hold the schedule

Avoid project overruns

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Deliver on expectations

Poor perception can lead to project delays


How Riverbed Solves These Challenges

Prioritize Based on Business Impact

Identify the specific areas with the biggest impact on digital experience

First Time Right

Pilot and test prior to full scale deployment, to identify and resolve any incompatibilities, performance degradation or stability issues

Implement Network Changes with Confidence

Compare network configurations side-by-side to quickly find changes affecting performance

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Riverbed NetIM

Improve IT Infrastructure Monitoring and Troubleshooting


Analyze the Impact of Digital Experience on Business Outcomes

Associate performance with business metrics like revenue,  conversion rate, and abandonment rate so that you can focus efforts on the most impactful issues


Empowering the Digital Experience of Thousands of Organizations Worldwide


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