Global Digital Employee Experience Survey

1,800 leaders share views on generational expectations, hybrid work, IT’s evolving role, and obstacles and strategies for Digital Employee Experience (DEX)
Survey Overview

DEX Expectations of Gen Z and Millennials

As Gen Z and Millennials become a larger part of the workforce, expectations for the DEX have never been higher. The rising influence of these ‘digital natives,’ shift to hybrid work, and limited resources, have put tremendous pressure on IT to deliver on DEX — or risk losing talent and productivity. Some may even say the CIO is also now the Chief Talent Officer.

The Riverbed Global DEX Survey 2023 explores the perspectives of 1,800 IT and business decision-makers across 10 countries and seven industries. Leaders identify the challenges and gaps organizations face, and strategies and investment areas to meet the evolving digital expectations of employees.

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Global Insights for DEX

Learn what 1,800 leaders say about the DEX in this visual snapshot

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DEX Facts

Leaders Provide Insight into DEX in Today's Enterprise

According to 95% of business and IT leaders surveyed, delivering a seamless DEX is important to remain competitive. Here’s some other key insights our survey uncovered.


Younger employees may leave company if digital needs aren’t met


Identify at least one major obstacle to delivering a seamless DEX


DEX is among top priorities for next 5 years


Unified observability important to competitiveness and DEX

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Global DEX Survey 2023

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Infographic: Global Insights for DEX

Learn what 1,800 leaders say about the DEX in this visual snapshot

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Video: Survey Highlights in Under 90 seconds

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Press: Gen Z, Millennials Retention Rest Heavily on DEX

CIOs becoming Chief Talent Officers too


Digital Experiences Across Industry Sectors


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