It’s great to be a leader…again!

Do you remember how you felt when you won a trophy at the science fair at school, or perhaps a medal for a race at an athletic competition? The feeling of accomplishment is always great. Perhaps you now revel in the accomplishments of your family and children—academic, athletic or artistic.NPMD Magic Quadrant Leaders

Well, all the members of SteelCentral team are proud, too! Just a week ago, for the second year in a row—and it’s only been in existence for two years—Riverbed SteelCentral was rated a “Leader” in the 2015 Magic Quadrant for Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics (NPMD).

The Leader’s quadrant represents those vendors that are pushing the NPM market forward with the most comprehensive portfolios and the ability to handle multiple application and technology types.

A conversation with IDC's Rick Villars: New eyes on networks and applications in a cloudy world

The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.
- Marcel Proust
Rich Villars IDC

I recently had the always great opportunity to chat with Rick Villars, Vice President for Datacenter and Cloud Technologies at IDC, who has been advising companies worldwide for over 25 years on network, storage and server technologies, and the evolving relationship between IT and business priorities. 

I posed a few questions to Rick in preview of a live virtual event we are hosting on the 10th of March, in which he, together with Qualcomm’s Senior Director of IT, Zeeshan Sabir, and Riverbed Chief Scientist Hansang Bae, will discuss the changing face of IT, as cloud-based applications and the public Internet become more prevalent, and even more critical to business today. Just as in the so many other times when we have had the opportunity to step out of our technology boxes and shift our perceptions about the way things are supposed to be done, today IT organizations are experiencing a shift in the way we define enterprise WAN architectures, all in the effort to help global workforces stay as productive as possible, and with the ultimate goal of generating the maximum potential revenue for their business. The act of putting on the new glasses out of which we view the world around us is never quite the same as like flicking a light switch.

Dead Packets Society—Carpe Diem

Finding Value in Packet Captures for High Speed Networks > 10G 

Capturing packets or sniffing them from networks with lightweight probes and monitoring tools, provides a basic level of analysis and has been one of the most common ways to detect and uncover issues on the network affecting application performance.Packet Capture Dead Poets

But is it dying off, as if it were some obscure practice like the prep-school boys of Dead Poet's Society reading verses in a candle-lit cave in the middle of the night?

A lot of packet capture tools are still free and widely supported, but might not get to the root cause of issues as effectively as they have in the past.

Infographic - How to ensure everyone loves their Salesforce experience!

Riverbed has been a long-time customer, so we were excited to implement our SteelCentral and SteelHead capabilities for monitoring SaaS applications within our own IT environment. The goal was to ensure end-users were having the best experience when using Salesforce. We deployed WebAnalyzer and the latest SteelHead software to provide a holistic NPM & APM approach for high fidelity end-user-experience monitoring for Riverbed's corporate Salesforce site. The end result was unparalleled visibility into usage and performance patterns, which provided new insights for our IT operations and business management. Riverbed loves Salesforce more than ever!

To help understand Riverbed's solutions for optimizing and monitoring Salesforce, check out the following infographic!

APM and NPM—Truth or Consequences

A popular game show called "Truth or Consequences" was hosted by Bob Barker into the 1970s and was one of the most popular game shows of the last century.

Contestants on the show had to answer a bizarre question, usually a joke, with the correct answer—the truth—or they would have to perform some embarrassing stunt—the consequences.

Monitoring and troubleshooting networks and applications can be much like this game show. If you don't know the truth, you'll most likely end up in some situation where there's embarrassing consequences.

Let's hope that they aren't as entertaining as the consequences on the show —like learning how to ride a donkey or a unicycle for the first time in front of a studio audience.

IT trends - what to expect in 2015

In late 2014, I took a moment to think about a few trends enterprise IT should expect to see for 2015. I’d like to explore these trends a little further.2015 trends

Network functions virtualization takes off, even without SDN

2015 will see continued development of SDN technologies, and buyer confusion will not abate as the incumbent switch and router vendors jockey for position. But NFV, already being widely deployed into service providers, will make its way into “classical” enterprise networks without the need for any SDN refresh (which, curiously, may require new hardware). Virtualized network functions allow organizations to dynamically provision networks wherever they’re needed, on an on-demand basis, independent of any underlying fabric.

Size really does matter! From S to XXL, there’s a SteelHead for your needs.

Size really does matter! From S to XXL, there’s a SteelHead that is just right for your needs

It’s one of those things that you start out thinking will be a simple and straightforward task. You know, buying a shirt, a pair of shoes, or a car. Even something as mundane as a cup of coffee to help yocoffee-cupu survive the morning commute.

Contrary to our desire for simplicity, it is very rare to find that “one size fits all." That’s why you can order your “skinny latte frappe with chocolate sprinkles” from the barista in one, of many different coffee cup sizes, to suit you.

The same can be said of SteelHeads. It is important to make sure that you deploy the appropriate size of SteelHead to meet your needs. To keep it as simple and straightforward as possible, understand what metrics are important to you and make use of some basic rules of thumb.

How to avoid "Hybrid Enterprise" tension headaches

Complexity and Rapid Change Causes Headaches for IT Staff

With an increasing range of complexity and low-cost initiatives, today's networks and applications can quickly turn into a tension headache for IT staff like Poor Edna pictured here.Hybrid Enterprise Tension Headache

Factors include keeping track of a changing mix of cloud-hosted, on-premises, and even shadow IT apps that provide the backdrop for most modern enterprise networks and now more commonly named, the "hybrid enterprise."

Saving money while meeting more demand for better user experience drives the hybrid enterprise effort. The cost-saving infrastructure in a hybrid enterprise includes networks, storage, and servers that can be fully or partially implemented somewhere in a private or public cloud with virtual and traditional computing that is software defined.

Great Expectations, and the Rise of Consumer Technology

In the early days of the web, people joked about the ‘World Wide Wait’ as eager net surfers were forced to wait for animated GIFs to render or emails to load, strangled as they were by the bandwidth constraints of 38k modems. But today, everyone has high expectations of IT. That might be frustrating for CIOs and others with deep domain knowledge, but users’ voices have to be heard. And they say that they’re not going to put up with a World Wide Wait in the office.

Introducing the Top 3 SharePoint Tips for 2015

SharePoint Online and SharePoint On Premise

SharePoint and RiverbedAccording to Microsoft market research, 78% of all Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint.

Enterprises choose between the growing popularity of SharePoint Online provided with Office 365 and the more traditional on premises solution for more complex deployments. In some cases, enterprises deploy a hybrid solution with some of both.

User experience of SharePoint can vary greatly depending on a number of factors. Here are three tips to make sure it's top-notch.

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Riverbed delivers the most complete platform for Location-Independent Computing, turning location and distance into a competitive advantage. The Riverbed Application Performance Platform™ allows IT to have the flexibility to host applications and data in the most optimal locations while ensuring applications perform as expected, data is always available when needed, and performance issues are detected and fixed before end users notice. At more than $1 billion in annual revenue, Riverbed has 25,000+ customers, including 97% of both the Fortune 100 and the Forbes Global 100.

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