UC Monitoring Magic is Just a Few Clicks Away

What goes on in a unified communications (UC) infrastructure to deliver those thousands of calls, online meetings, and corporate town hall videos every minute of every day is amazingly complex. Users don’t really care how it happens or why; just as long as it works any time from anywhere they happen to be. To them, it is magic.

Paris 1939 International Magic Congress postcard
“ Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”   

– Arthur C. Clarke

Luckily, SteelCentral UCExpert provides visibility into the mystifying world of communication by constantly monitoring and analyzing key performance metrics. To help you grasp the wizardry that goes into the Riverbed UC platform, we’ve released a white paper: “End-to-End Unified Communications Visibility for Microsoft, Cisco, and Avaya Environments.”

Why the Future of the WAN Is Software-Defined

You’ve probably heard a lot about the future of enterprise networking here in recent weeks and for good reason. Traditional approaches to networking have become obsolete in a cloud-centric, digital-first world.

Put another way, businesses need unrivaled agility to meet evolving customer demands and preferences. Unfortunately, the networks companies depend on to deliver new innovations often can’t keep pace. 

Finding the Needle in the Haystack with Riverbed SteelCentral NetProfiler

Data. As we have moved to the (supposedly) paperless society the amount of data (both on and off paper) has increased at near exponential rates. According to an IDC study in 2014 the volume of just digital data will increase towards 44 Zetabytes by 2020 (for those not in the know a Zetabyte or ZB is a 1 with 22 zeros after it). That’s a lot of data! To make matters worse, according to the same study, in 2013 only 22% of the total data was of interest to be analyzed and of that only 5% was actually analyzed—meaning that only around 1% of all the data generated in 2013 was actually analyzed.

The point is that just having data is not enough. You have to be able to identify the data of interest from all the data being generated (separate the wheat from the chaff) and then actually be able to analyze that data in a useful way. The first step is often the hardest. When there is so much data coming in it can be hard to know where to start looking and oftentimes we end up overlooking some critical piece of information that could have solved our problem quite easily.

Industry Veterans Comment on Riverbed SteelConnect: “This was Extraordinarily Impressive. I Need to Know More!”

Riverbed recently demonstrated SteelConnect to a group of industry thought leaders at Tech Field Day. The response was exceedingly positive. It was validation that Riverbed had successfully extended its leadership position into the Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) market.

In case you are interested, here are a few tweets:

Can You Hear Me Now? Can You See Me Through the Clouds?

New SteelCentral platform delivers rich cloud, UC & virtualization visibility

The advent of video conferencing, adoption of softphones and cloud-based UC services is creating dramatic and exciting developments in unified communications technologies and capabilities. Products such as Microsoft Skype for Business and Cisco Spark are disrupting the industry with the easy-to-use, all-in-one applications that allow users to communicate however and wherever they want.

Cloud is another disruptive and rapidly growing technology. The use of public cloud services (SaaS, PaaS and IaaS) has been growing by leaps and bounds. Gartner estimates it will grow 22.3% annually between 2014 and 2019. EMA’s recent Network Management Megatrends 2016 report shows that 41% of all network traffic originates from external cloud applications and 90% of enterprises have either deployed or plan to deploy hybrid cloud deployment within the next two years.

3 Reasons Why the Next Big Networking Tech Disruption is Happening Now

SD-WAN’s time has come. According to recent IDC predictions, the market is set to swell to $6 billion by 2020 — and that’s not the most surprising number. Only 1% of enterprises use SD-WAN today. In the next eighteen months, IDC expects that number to grow to an almost unbelievable 70%.

That’s an insane level of growth. We at Riverbed certainly have double-downed on this market disruption. Our newly launched SteelConnect portfolio aims to lead the market and guide our customers through this rapid, long-overdue transition to modern software-defined networks. 

Increase WAN Performance By Up to 90% for SAP Apps

Say hello to increased visibility and network performance! Together, Riverbed and SAP increase network performance by more than 90%, in addition to providing visibility into SAP workloads. Riverbed has joined the SAP PartnerEdge for Application Development partner program and obtained SAP certification for Wide Area Network Connectivity—Network Performance for SAP on Premise and Cloud Solutions.

With SAP being the world’s largest provider of enterprise application software with more than 300,000 customers, SAP applications are continuously being used by more users in more locations. With increasing demand, it is critical to optimize these networks that provide access to SAP applications. Riverbed is the first WAN Optimization solution to the SAP suite, providing a solution that delivers the best network experience for remote end users, while optimizing network resources and providing visibility into SAP application performance.

SteelHead 9.2 Now Available!

The latest release of SteelHead is now available, and with it come some handy capabilities along with the latest support for applications.

Windows 10 acceleration

Microsoft has been pushing customers off Windows 7 and moving them to Windows 10. If you’re one of those companies moving to Windows 10, you will be able to take advantage of the new file-sharing acceleration in SteelHead 9.2.  

SteelHead 9.2 includes support for the SMB 3.1.1 variation of the server message block (SMB) file sharing protocol. For existing SteelHead customers, that already have SMB2/SMB3 enabled and Active Directory integration enabled on your SteelHeads, all you need do is upgrade to SteelHead 9.2 to take advantage of the new capability.

You Don’t Need Big Disks For Big Data (Two Billion Transactions and Counting)

Several months ago I published a blog about AppInternals’ high-definition data and the benefits of capturing detail on every transaction—good and bad. Since then, several people have said it must be too good to be true. It must require terabytes of data to store that much detail.    

With AppInternals’ NoSQL database, you CAN capture billions of transactions on less disk space than what is probably in your laptop right now. Not only can you store it, but data retrieval is optimized so you can quickly retrieve meaningful, actionable transaction data. 

Our demo system recently passed a milestone. We captured and stored our TWO BILLIONITH transaction. This detail is stored on less than 500 GB of disk.  

EMC World 2016 Recap: We Came. You Saw. We All Believed!

It was yet another successful EMC World for Riverbed! Members of our team spent the week attending sessions, conducting meetings, presenting our solutions, and working the show floor booth. New relationships were formed and existing relationships expanded. The positive energy this year was palpable as we had countless engaging conversations around Edge IT and simplifying your relationship with business critical data. For those of you who stopped by our booth, I’m sure you were amazed at the many supernatural and entertaining acts performed by master magician David Jenkins.

This year, our focus was around Modernizing Edge IT by harnessing data in ways never seen before. The promise of securely consolidating all your data into the data center and/or cloud while enabling transparent access from any remote location without any performance penalty is quite a lofty one, we know that. We delivered a total 25 booth presentations and time and time again our subject matter experts demonstrated to believers and non-believers alike that the SteelFusion solution was real by walking through one or more of our four live demos.

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Riverbed, at more than $1 billion in annual revenue, is the leader in application performance infrastructure, delivering the most complete platform for the hybrid enterprise to ensure applications perform as expected, data is always available when needed, and performance issues can be proactively detected and resolved before impacting business performance. Riverbed enables hybrid enterprises to transform application performance into a competitive advantage by maximizing employee productivity and leveraging IT to create new forms of operational agility. Riverbed’s 27,000+ customers include 97% of the Fortune 100 and 98% of the Forbes Global 100.

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