Cut Diagnosing Performance Issues from Days to Hour with Joint Riverbed and IXIA Solution

This week we’re excited to join Ixia’s Partner Summit in Scottsdale Arizona. Let’s start with a quick overview of how Riverbed SteelCentral integrates seamlessly with Ixia’s Network Tool Optimizer (NTO), and then see how a customer has been able to solve their application performance and visibility challenges with this joint solution.

The Ixia Net Tool Optimizer (NTO) complements Riverbed SteelCentral solutions by extending access to all the network traffic needed for analysis. The joint solution helps customers to address application performance and visibility challenges by providing:

  • Complete visibility into network and application traffic
  • A highly scalable system that is easy to deploy 
  • Enhanced monitoring accuracy to help solve IT performance issues more quickly

The Gateway to Better Application Performance – SteelCentral Portal

Throughout my career, I have seen many cases of business and technology challenges within the enterprise IT Riverbed+SteelCentral+Portalmarket being much underserved for years by inadequate products and solutions offered by vendors. This can typically go on for long time, until a new approach arrives and disrupts the market, by offering a significantly better way to solve a problem.

Over the past decade, many dynamics and technology innovations have shaped the enterprise IT environment of today, to name a few, consumerization of IT, cloud services becoming ubiquitous, the rise of SaaS, explosive rise in consumer IP traffic and the race for more enterprise apps trying to capture the commercial opportunity.

Enterprise networks and data centers today live with one foot on premises and one in the cloud. In fact, 75% of enterprises expect to have ‘hybrid’ cloud deployments by 2015. Networks are going hybrid too, with private MPLS links for mission-critical apps and the public Internet for noncritical traffic. Two years ago, 30% of companies were using an Internet connection in place of a traditional WAN link in at least one location. The number rose to 50% in 2013, and was expected to reach 55% in 2014.

Seven ways SteelFusion 4.0 and branch IT are similar to your smartphone

Branch offices are the growth engines of today’s enterprises. So when you consider that, on average, more than 50% of an organization’s employees are located in branch offices, nearly 50% of corporate data resides in them, and 50% of IT dollars are spent powering them, the overhead and investments seem reasonable.

But while branch offices and other remote sites are critical for productivity and revenue generation, they’re also a giant headache for IT to manage.

Why? Because all of that data is often in high-risk places and subject to loss, and backups are expensive, time consuming, and inefficient. Same goes with provisioning new physical servers and sites or restoring offices if downtime occurs. And lastly, think of the people in these branches. Few of them are skilled IT pros who can actually help keep branch applications and services in tiptop shape.

Spending all of this time, money, end effort managing branch IT makes you wonder if there’s a better solution. Good news – there is. And with today’s launch of Riverbed® SteelFusion™ 4.0, we can simply take a look at something we’re all quite familiar with to figure it out: our smartphones.

Riverbed’s journey to collaboration nirvana

Not long ago, collaboration in the workplace was a pretty primitive affair.  Tons of email and file attachments were the cloud nirvanarule. Then came “collaboration” applications, including web conferencing, Internet file shares, social systems, which helped to connect people more efficiently. But these apps alone don’t achieve the full potential on collaborating in real-time on the same work product; they tend to be single threaded, application centric actions, minimizing the real benefit we all seek, improved quality through collaboration and getting it done faster.

We have come a long way since then.  With the latest collaboration technologies – which Riverbed has been rolling out over the past year – we’re not just connecting people better and cutting down on inefficient email and attachments. We are helping our people discover and share ideas, better manage unstructured information, making it findable, enabling teams globally to have a faster experience in working together, from anywhere.

Hybrid enterprises and ERP systems – how the west was won at Riverbed

westWhen speaking with CIOs, system integrators and other technology professionals, the conversation often turns to large-scale enterprise software projects. Among the largest projects being tackled by companies these days is an upgrade to the latest version of Oracle E-Business Suite – Release 12.

Riverbed accomplished this in under 7 months which, by any standard of an ERP upgrade, is simply audacious! While ERP upgrades are not new territory, doing them across a truly hybrid enterprise landscape is, and brings many new paths to success as well as modes of transportation to get to the finish line. Speaking of modes of transportation, I will walk you through our journey from wagons to streamlined works of beauty.    

Besides, the journey to cloud and hybrid enterprise is suppose to be a work of beauty and speed, right?!

March Madness Isn’t IT’s Problem Alone

“March Madness” is now underway creating a buzz of excitement with brackets, rivalry and the hope that this year March Madness and IT issuesyour alma mater will win. But for IT teams the excitement can fade fast with the annoyance and frustration caused by dealing with the inevitable slowdowns and troubleshooting that will occur when their company’s employees start checking scores and streaming the games online. Creating a strong offense and defense strategy ensures that IT teams can detect and resolve network traffic strain.

This year is different from the past few years because it is easier than ever for employees to watch their big games in full-screen HD streamed to desktop computers and mobile devices connected to their work networks. One of the reasons thanks to the recent initiative with the NCAA and Turner Sports every single game is available on any connected device, including tablets and smartphones.

Eight feels great: Riverbed is again a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAN Optimization

It’s that time of the year – the 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAN Optimization Controllers has been released Multiple+trophiesand Riverbed is in the Leaders Quadrant for the eighth time running. We continue to push our pioneering technology in order to maintain this position, knowing that our customers face different challenges from when we first entered the market.

Today IT professionals face ever-increasing application sprawl and architectural complexity as more enterprise applications migrate to the cloud and more consumer applications enter the enterprise world, thus creating the hybrid enterprise. These trends have fundamentally changed network architectures and management, introducing a new era of WAN optimization that’s calling for software-defined (SD) capabilities providing new levels of visibility and control to enable the hybrid enterprise to perform at its peak.

Riverbed’s SharePoint performance assurance

SharePoint LogoAs a SharePoint administrator or developer, the last obstacle you want is having application or network performance issues that you cannot identify after you've carefully planned the deployement.

It’s one thing to hear of complaints about adoption rates and the self-service aspects of SharePoint collaboration. In some cases, SharePoint deployments might be new and going through some implementation hiccups or there’s a lack of training that’s contributing to poor end user experience. But once users are comfortable with that, what happens when something goes wrong with execution of a workflow or it takes too long to accomplish a task with SharePoint as the underlying application?

Buffering be gone! Ramp joins Riverbed Ready to offer integrated solutions

Say your goodbyes to video buffering and welcome Ramp to the Riverbed®-Ready Technology Alliance program, Bufferingand with it, a whole new set of capabilities for both sets of customers! Ramp is the leading provider of next-generation video and search experiences for media, marketing, and enterprises. While Ramp’s technology expands the value and impact of Riverbed solutions and helps customers master the technical challenges of the hybrid enterprise, Riverbed’s market-leading products enhance and optimize their offering to customers.
Let’s check out how the two work together and create new opportunities for customers.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day from Riverbed

Are all your apps ready for St. Patrick's day? Who in your office wSaint Patrick's Dayill be doing extra time updating social media and viewing cute videos of all that can go with the celebration?

Having visibility of all your mission-critical apps and the other apps that could be crowding out productivity is essential. Let your IT staff be the leprechaun who can throttle traffic when necessary.

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Riverbed delivers the most complete platform for Location-Independent Computing, turning location and distance into a competitive advantage. The Riverbed Application Performance Platform™ allows IT to have the flexibility to host applications and data in the most optimal locations while ensuring applications perform as expected, data is always available when needed, and performance issues are detected and fixed before end users notice. At more than $1 billion in annual revenue, Riverbed has 25,000+ customers, including 97% of both the Fortune 100 and the Forbes Global 100.

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