Riverbed sees inside VMware NSX virtualized networks

Why spin up individual VMs when you can create a whole network of connected VMs?

That's what VMware NSX technology does. Think of it as a hypervisor for each of your software-defined data center networks—one for sales, one for HR, one for engineering, and so on.

Whether you're a service provider, deliver SaaS, or have internal or external customer Riverbed NetProfiler and VMware NSXnetworks, you can create virtual network offices for just about any type of network.

We know what you're thinking:

"Please don't mess with what we have now, we've spent a lot of time and resources getting our current infrastructure to work."

"And besides, how are we going to monitor these networks?"

Optimizing Azure workloads with SteelHead CX

As workloads move to the cloud, it’s only natural that new and existing Riverbed customers ask “hey, can you optimize traffic for Azure like you do for our WAN?”  And the answer is an enthusiastic “yes”.  You can optimize Azure workloads using the SteelHead CX as detailed in this Solution Guide.

Certainly, you can manually deploy the SteelHead CX to Azure but since Riverbed works very closely with Microsoft , we have integrated the deployment of the SteelHead CX with the Azure Gallery.

Upcoming Riverbed Google Hangout: What’s the Next Phase of the Cloud Storage Wars?

The cloudscape is a’changing!  With all the recent cloud storage announcements that seem to be hitting the web, it’s the perfect time to talk about the cloud space and the inevitable future now that the price wars are coming to an end. Have we reached a state of cloud storage maturity?

Join the SteelStore team Friday, August 22, 2014 for a Google+ Hangout On Air as we talk about the hot issues around cloud.

Attendees will learn:

  • What people use cloud storage for today, and how will that change in the future?
  • What will happen with the major players in the market?
  • What’s the next phase of the cloud storage wars (if the war of price is over)?

SteelStore evaluated by Gartner as only cloud-integrated backup target

Gensler Quote

Does this sound familiar? The CEO or CFO walks into your office and says: “What’s our cloud strategy?  I just read all about cloud storage in an airline magazine and it’s going to save us millions!”
If only it were that easy. Chances are you’re just as eager to jump into the cloud – for cost or agility reasons – but finding the right starting point can be tough.
Until now. 

Does this sound familiar? The CEO or CFO walks into your office and says: “What’s our cloud strategy?  I just read all about cloud storage in an airline magazine and it’s going to save us millions!”

If only it were that easy. Chances are you’re just as eager to jump into the cloud – for cost or agility reasons – but finding the right starting point can be tough.

Until now. 

7 best ideas you secretly love

We all sing the praises of sliced bread and the wheel. But there are some great ideas that (I think) just haven’t gotten the attention, respect, and recognition they deserve. Read my list of unsung great ideas, and learn how to get some recognition (and prizes) for your great ideas!

Sprint like an Agile developer but thirst for APM

Next to our Riverbed booth at the Agile 2014 conference, the "Agile Lady" gave awesome demos to an audience of developers, product owners, and administrators. In this quick interview, she describes how transparency and "no surprises" are key to the agile software development process.

As a "Scrum Master," Mandy Ross meets her team once a day using the Sococo collaboration software that they also sell to find out what her team is up to—stuff that's blocking their work and what they need to do to "sprint" to the finish line.

A sprint usually lasts about two weeks for a team of Agile software developers who use this time frame to complete code that is ready for delivery to customers.

Blog Author

Calculating your ROI: So Easy an Intern Could Do It

You remember those Geico commercials from a few years back, heralding that using their website is so easy “A Caveman Can Do It”?

Well, Riverbed has a new ROI calculator for their SteelCentral Network Performance Management (NPM) solution, and it is so easy a caveman (or an intern) can use it.

You see, I am a summer intern for the product marketing department here at Riverbed, and my technical knowledge is still probably about equivalent to that of a caveman. So I was slightly daunted by the idea of writing this blog, first and foremost because I had to google what ROI meant. But once I knew ROI stands for Return on Investment, I found that the calculator was extremely simple and user friendly.

Network performance is not application performance

It's not me, it's actually you, I mean the app that is . . .

Do you remember breaking up with someone and trying to ease the situation by saying, "It's not you, it's me"  and you darn well knew it actually was them?

APM and NPM Breakup

The network teams in your organization take a more straightforward approach, "It's not me—the network that is—but rather, it's you and your app!"

Here's how all this gets started. We have two or three devices running with apps served through clouds, data centers, and the internet—smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

There's even computer head sets now!

A lot of our app use is mission-critical for our day jobs and at other times a lot of it can be recreational or consumer related. Either way, these apps have to be running smoothly all the time.

From a user perspective, when an app is slow, what do we do? We usually switch to another device, click away, or go to the competitor's app.

Take the blinders off! Analyze, Diagnose and Resolve web applications

Asking your users and customers to wait is like asking them to leave, and if they are experiencing slow performance or issues accessing your website, many will leave because they may have other choices.

Why understand end-user experience?

Web applications are growing increasingly complex. They are often deployed in cloud or virtual environments and are accessed on a range of devices – phones, browsers and tablets – via multiple networks. A lot can go wrong between the server and the device, and without real end-user experience monitoring, corporations are blind to why users or conversion rates are dropping off. Real-user monitoring gives you the performance intelligence and visibility you need in order to clearly understand:

What does your ADC have to do with LeBron going back to Cleveland?

LeBron JamesLeBron James is leaving the Miami Heat and going back to the Cleveland Cavaliers ─ he says he’s headed home. The Cavs are totally ecstatic while the Heat, well, they are feeling a bit of a chill. He recently said that Miami was like his college, he played there, had a good time and he learned how to win championships. But now he’s returning to the Cavs.

Is your ADC ready to be as flexible in such high stakes games?

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