IT Asset Cost Reduction

Reduce costs for devices, software, cloud and network

How Can We Reduce IT Infrastructure Cost?

Organizations can reduce IT infrastructure costs by adopting cloud computing, virtualization, and automation technologies. Additionally, they can optimize software licensing agreements, consolidate hardware, and regularly review their IT infrastructure to ensure that it aligns with business goals.

IT is always facing budget pressures, but with the increase of remote work, increasingly complex infrastructure, global economic outlook, supply chain disruptions, and rising costs, those pressures are tighter than ever.
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Complex infrastructure

Difficult to understand and manage cost in hybrid cloud environments

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Rising costs

Device, software, network, and cloud costs are rising

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Stagnant budgets

It budgets are growing slowly and not keeping pace with rising costs

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Lack of insight

Difficulty understanding exactly where spend is going


How Riverbed Solves These Challenges

Smart Device Refresh

Correlate actual user experience to device health and performance to determine whether devices need replacement, upgrade, or no action at all.

Targeted Software License Renewal

Identify actively used application across desktop, SaaS, and Shadow IT to reclaim unused and underused licenses to lower overall application costs.

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Riverbed Aternity IT Asset Cost Reduction


Reduce Cloud Egress Costs

Understand cloud traffic patterns and associated costs​​ for more efficient planning.

Reduce Transport Costs

Reduce data sent across the network, prioritize traffic according to importance, and reduce round trips to optimize bandwidth utilization by up to 95%.

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Cloud Accelerator

Secure cloud deployment & migration

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