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Riverbed is the leader in application performance infrastructure, providing solutions for end-to-end application visibility, optimization, and control in hybrid IT environments. More than 26,000 companies rely on the Riverbed Application Performance Platform™ for superior application performance that drives superior business performance.

Crossing the chasm into the age of hybrid IT

Hybrid IT architectures bring important benefits to organizations such as agility/time to market, cost savings, and flexibility. These benefits are fueling the hybrid revolution, with industry watchers from Gartner to the Harvard Business Review reporting that three-quarters of enterprises have hybrid cloud deployments today.

Along with the benefits, however, hybrid IT also brings challenges, including less visibility, less control, and greater need for optimization. The complexity of multiple clouds, networks, service providers, SLAs, application sprawl, and end users everywhere all combine to hinder the application and network visibility needed to ensure optimal performance and a consistently great experience for end users. Such consistency is essential for employees to work effectively, and for the hybrid enterprise to perform at its peak and achieve its maximum business potential. To fully capitalize on the benefits of the cloud, companies are finding that first they must conquer many challenges in the transition from an on-premises model to the “new normal” of the hybrid enterprise.

The most complete platform for visibility, optimization & control across the hybrid enterprise

Riverbed offers a complete, end-to-end solution to ensure your hybrid enterprise performs at its peak. The Riverbed Application Performance Platform™ provides the visibility, optimization, and control a CIO needs to ensure superior application performance that drives superior business performance.

  • Riverbed® SteelCentral™ is the only performance management and control suite that combines user experience, application, and network performance management to provide complete end-to-end visibility. Riverbed is Gartner’s best-ranked vendor in performance management: “Leader” in the Magic Quadrant for Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics (2015) and “Visionary” in the Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring (2014).
  • Riverbed® SteelHead™ is the #1 WAN optimization solution that guarantees application service levels across hybrid cloud architectures, maximizing end user productivity, enhancing IT visibility and control, and reducing costs. SteelHead has been named a “Leader” in Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAN Optimization for eight consecutive years, has won InfoWorld Technology of the Year eight years in a row, and continues to lead the WAN Optimization market with more than 50% market share.
  • Riverbed® SteelFusion™ is the only hyper-converged infrastructure solution that delivers local performance, data centralization, instant recovery, and lower TCO. The branch of the future is here today and it has zero IT: no servers, no storage, no backup; instant provisioning and recovery; complete security and visibility; and applications that simply work. SteelFusion has won InfoWorld Technology of the Year honors two years in a row.
  • Riverbed® SteelScript™ is a set of open APIs and developer tools that enable you to customize and automate the platform. For example, Schneider Electric, with more than 150,000 employees in over 130 countries, used SteelScript to leverage information collected from SteelCentral to create Internet traffic reports for capacity planning and controlling costs of SaaS and cloud service providers.

Trusted by over 27,000 businesses for superior application performance

More than 27,000 of the world’s best brands rely on Riverbed to ensure superior application and business performance.

  • Intuit runs on Riverbed to ensure system availability during tax season and has reduced troubleshooting time 80% with the use of SteelCentral solutions. 
  • Del Monte, with all its apps in the cloud, relies on Riverbed to get high-quality products to market faster.
  • By running its frictionless enterprise on Riverbed, Tribune Media has consolidated from 54 to just one software-defined data center and nearly tripled its capacity to deliver projects of value to the business.
  • Michelin has reduced application rollout time by 30% with Riverbed providing visibility into the qualification of apps during development.
  • Hilton Grand Vacations cut its contract process from over 30 minutes to just a minute or two.
  • Australia-based MTC Work Solutions eliminated SaaS application performance issues that were crippling its business, improving performance of Office 365 by 300%.
  • Frontier Airlines now has a network-wide overview of app performance and utilization so teams spend less time fire-fighting and more time being productive.

With Riverbed, you too can ensure superior application performance across complex and global hybrid infrastructures and use IT to drive better business performance. Learn more:

Riverbed Technology at a Glance

  • Founded: 2002
  • World Headquarters: San Francisco, California
  • 73 offices across 37 countries
  • Customers: 26,000+
    • 97% of the Fortune 100
    • 98% of Forbes Global 100
    • 91% of Forbes Global 500
  • Partnerships with leading firms such as Accenture, AT&T, BT, Dimension Data, EMC, HP, IBM, Microsoft, NetApp, NTT, Orange Business Services, SingTel, Telstra and Verizon, VMware
  • Complete list of acquired companies and products

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Riverbed, at more than $1 billion in annual revenue, is the leader in application performance infrastructure, delivering the most complete platform for the hybrid enterprise to ensure applications perform as expected, data is always available when needed, and performance issues can be proactively detected and resolved before impacting business performance. Riverbed enables hybrid enterprises to transform application performance into a competitive advantage by maximizing employee productivity and leveraging IT to create new forms of operational agility. Riverbed’s 27,000+ customers include 97% of the Fortune 100 and 98% of the Forbes Global 100.

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