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Optimize the digital experience, accelerate portfolio management applications and simplify audits
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Riverbed for Investment Services

The Riverbed Platform combines modules for digital experience, infrastructure, network, cloud, and application observability and application acceleration to give Investment Services organizations a fully integrated pathway to a unified observability and optimization platform powered by AIOps and automation. With the Riverbed Platform, Investment Services companies can build actionable unified observability and optimization strategies designed to achieve strategic goals like optimizing the digital experience for wealth managers, accelerating portfolio management applications, and simplifying audit and compliance processes.


Solving Key Challenges for Investment Services

Improve the Digital Experience for Wealth Managers

Wealth managers require fast and reliable portfolio management systems. Downtime is not an option. Riverbed proactively identifies improvements to investment services systems and automatically remediates any issues to avoid disruptions and maintain seamless operations.

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Riverbed for Investment Services

Supporting investment advisors and wealth managers


Optimize Portfolio Management Systems

Portfolio management software, market research tools and robo-advisor technology are the backbone of Investment Services. Riverbed monitors the performance of these applications along with the network infrastructure they rely on to proactively eliminate bottlenecks and improve performance.


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Assure Regulatory Compliance

Investment Services organizations face a myriad of regulations and compliance demands that vary depending on location. Riverbed simplifies the compliance and audit processes with user-friendly historical reporting and reliable long-term audit trails.

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Protect Against Security and Compliance Risks


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