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Optimize the omnichannel experience, modernize critical applications, reduce risk and improve sustainability in the insurance industry

Riverbed for Insurance Providers

The Riverbed Observability and Optimization Platform gives insurance providers the power to optimize the digital experience for their employees and customers. Powered by AIOps and automation, the Riverbed Platform enables insurance providers to modernize policy administration and claims processing systems, transform contact centers, and optimize governance, all while reducing costs and increasing environmental sustainability.


How Riverbed Solves Insurance Challenges

Modernize Critical Insurance Applications

Many insurance providers rely on aging critical applications that are incapable of supporting a modern, digital business. Riverbed enables IT to optimize application performance by proactively surfacing performance uses with the context needed for efficient remediation.

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Riverbed for Insurance Providers


Optimize the Omni-channel Experience

Today’s customers expect a seamless experience regardless of how they interact with their insurance provider. Riverbed optimizes the digital experience for both employees and customers in every application, on every device, within any channel, and across any network.

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Build Customer Loyalty in Insurance

How to Build customer Loyalty in Insurance with the Right Technology


Assure Regulatory Compliance

Insurance providers face a myriad of regulations and compliance demands that vary depending on location. Riverbed simplifies the compliance and audit processes with user-friendly historical reporting and reliable long-term audit trails.

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