Elastic Application Delivery with Stingray Services Controller

Traffic goes up. Traffic goes down. Not only do you want bandwidth to handle that, you want your entire networking ecosystem to flex as well. At Interop 2014 in Las Vegas, Brian Gautreau, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer for Riverbed, gave me a demo of the Stingray Services Controller, a utility for the deployment, licensing, management, and entire lifestyle of Stingray Traffic Manager.

Why you should use a soup-to-nuts approach for complex application delivery

When your apps are slow or down, you lose productivity and a lot of opportunities for business. In other words, when your customers or end users have to wait, they tend to move on to something else. Most of us have plenty to do on other sites or with other apps.

But by treating your apps holistically, you can significantly help drive the success for your business or organization. By looking at the whole application delivery platform, you can figure out the best way to achieve the application performance suited to your needs.

Consider this approach, "soup to nuts." Knowing what you need to combine in order to deliver a complex business application requires some basic up-front analysis—surprisingly, not unlike preparing a good soup

Use the best "ingredients" and add them in at the right times for the most successful application delivery. And just as you watch soup as it boils or simmers for insight into what needs to be addressed, the same holds true for applications.

Stingray integrates with ThreadFix to cut window of attack by 90 percent

We’re at the RSA Conference to show how Stingray Application Firewall 4.6 can help you reduce risk and resolve application security problems faster.

With the Stingray marketing team in town this week for RSA Conference taking place at Moscone Center in San Francisco, I had a chance to catch up with Paul Wallace, a product-marketing director who flew in from Cambridge, UK.

According to Wallace, one of the most common things expo attendees said as they approached the Riverbed booth located on the fringe of the South Expo was, "I didn't realize you actually had a security platform…we need to talk."

The best SharePoint performance story you'll hear at SharePoint Conference 2014

Former President Bill Clinton begins Microsoft's premier SharePoint conference with the keynote address next week in Las Vegas. How cool is that? With SharePoint, Yammer, and Office 365 showcased, Microsoft means business.

From March 3-6, 2014 at the Venetian Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, this is the largest Microsoft SharePoint event in the world, and has grown each year since it debuted in 2006.

We at Riverbed Technology are delighted to be a part of this signature Microsoft SharePoint 2014 gathering of Developers, IT Professionals, and Executives with content ranging from overviews and introductory lessons to deep dive sessions.

50 years after the British Invasion: Another “revolution” for application delivery

Riverbed has changed the cost equation for application delivery. It’s been 50 years since the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan show with over seventy million people tuning in to the start of what would become one of the greatest “revolutions” in rock and roll history. Coincidently, from the country that exported the Beatles, comes a game-changing application delivery controller (ADC) solution that has also kicked off a revolution!

A new way of thinking about your application infrastructure…

Application Backlog? Stingray Traffic Manager can handle that problem!

Your online application is wildly successful, drawing in more and more business every day, but you are under pressure to improve customer experience. How do you give priority to loyal customers? How can you redirect customers to new services without downtime? Can you improve performance without adding more horsepower? How long does it take to resolve problems with application performance or security? If you application developers are busy, how can you solve problems right now!

Stingray Traffic Manager is an application-centric traffic management and load balancing virtual ADC providing control, intelligence, security and resilience for application traffic.  Stingray Traffic Manager is intended for organizations hosting valuable business-critical TCP and UDP-based services like HTTP (web) and media delivery, XML-based services such as Web Services and many more. Stingray Traffic Manager’s architecture ensures it handles large volumes of network traffic efficiently. Its scalability allows dynamically adding front-end traffic managers or back-end servers on demand. The cluster size is unlimited, and the performance of the traffic manager grows in line with the performance of the underlying hardware.

Stingray Traffic Manager available on Amazon Web Services with 1 click

One of the biggest differences between utilizing a cloud service versus a traditional IT environment to deploy an application is speed. Waiting weeks for new hardware to ship, get racked, configured, tested and integrated is a thing of the past.

Cloud services enable a much faster way for IT staff to add and change IT infrastructure. However, they want things to get better, faster and easier to use, just like the end users they serve.

Riverbed® Stingray™ application delivery controller software has always had a speed of deployment advantage over its rivals, but we’re always looking for ways to give IT teams extra help.

From load balancer to application delivery controller

Application delivery controllers have become a vital tool for IT teams to build more robust applications for employees and customers. At first, simple load balancers provided a way to improve the reliability of applications by switching between servers, but they have quickly evolved to give more control over content and performance and can now provide complex Layer-7 routing and enforce security policies.

Making your website pages load faster just got easier

Everyone wants a faster website. Faster websites increase sales and productivity for ecommerce customers, users and business partners. The problem is that making a website faster means getting developers to change their ways and employ best practices for web content optimization (WCO) techniques. The application backlog of change requests is long and growing so having your developers focus on performance is probably not the best business move.

Riverbed Stingray has released a new easy-to-use tool to make webpages load faster and requires no configuration for hands off optimization, called Stingray Aptimizer Express.

Active-active ADC services on Amazon EC2 pave path for mission-critical cloud applications

While you may be embracing the cloud, moving mission-critical applications to the cloud may be a sticking point. In a recent survey looking into top concerns for deploying apps on IaaS clouds, reliability ranked highest with 90% of respondents rating it somewhat or extremely important. Moving to the cloud means that you rely on the cloud providers’ underlying services. Are those underlying services, such as application delivery controllers, ready for prime time?

Most public clouds provide usage-based pricing and associated cost savings, but provisioning, scalability, availability, reliability, security, and disaster recovery issues create potential obstacles to adoption, especially for the “bet your business” applications customers would like to run in the cloud.

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