Download Stingray Developer Edition for Free

It’s easy to test and try out all of the capabilities available in the Stingray™ product family. Just download the Stingray Developer Edition today to find out how.

The Stingray Developer Edition, available either as pure software, or as a virtual appliance, makes the complete ADC technology platform available to everyone on your team, helping you develop applications faster, test them in a production-identical environment, and bring them to market more quickly.

Choose the platform you want to install from the Stingray Software download page.

Getting Started with Stingray Developer Edition

The Stingray Developer Edition may only be used for non-production use, which includes development, testing, internal training, and proof-of-concept purposes. It may not be used for any services that are run on a commercial basis or for commercial gain, and is subject to certain performance limits:

Bandwidth         1Mbps
SSL                  100 SSL transactions per second

Stingray Developer Edition comes with strict limitations pertaining to its use and performance. Please ensure you have read and understood the terms and conditions before downloading.

Once you have downloaded Stingray Developer Edition you can start using it right away, with no need to download an additional license. You can access help and documentation on the Stingray documentation pages here.

Stingray For Developers Stingray for Operations
Fine-grained control of users and services using TrafficScript® and Java extensions Accelerate online applications and e-commerce websites with faster response and page load times
Seamless application upgrades, and faster roll-out of new products and features More productivity from enterprise portals, including SharePoint, Exchange, and ERP applications
Standardize on a common ADC platform throughout the product lifecycle, for development, testing, and production More efficiency and performance from data center consolidation and virtualization programs
Automatic optimization of web content, with image spriting, CSS merging, and compression with Stingray ™Aptimizer Improve availability and uptime while increasing application scalability and resilience
Application security for PCI-DSS compliance with Stingray™ Application Firewall Improve SLAs during data center transformation and migration of applications to cloud environments
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