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What Is Sustainable IT?

Sustainable IT focuses on reducing the environmental impact of your technology landscape. Embracing Sustainability in IT benefits both the environment and the financial performance of companies that adopt it.

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Data Gaps

Limited visibility hampers the organization’s ability to accurately quantify energy consumption and environmental impact.

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Navigating the evolving landscape of environmental regulations becomes a daunting organizational hurdle.

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User Engagement

Slow adoption hampers sustainable IT practices.


How Riverbed Platform Helps with Sustainable IT

With its ability to collect full-fidelity telemetry across the network, infrastructure, applications and end users, the Riverbed Platform suite of products can uniquely help companies drive a variety of sustainable initiatives that rely on data-driven decisions and accuracy.

Riverbed Aternity Energy Efficiency Insights

Out-of-the-box dashboards provide actionable insights into energy consumption and carbon emissions at both the individual and organization level.

Automation that Streamlines Efficiency with Sustainable IT Practices

From changing power plan settings to informing users about avoidable energy consumption, Riverbed Aternity drives change to reduce both costs and footprint from human intervention.

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Empower Employees to Drive Change

Sentiment survey templates  raise awareness, understand employee behavior, and drive cultural change.

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