Transaction Trace Analysis and Performance Prediction

OPNET AppTransaction Xpert

Track user transactions throughout the application infrastructure. Troubleshoot application problems in production, or validate readiness prior to deployment. A single transaction can have a very hard life traversing your network, and all the databases and applications it must run through.

  • Visualize application transactions

    Powerful, graphical diagrams and customizable reports help you and stakeholders get a clear understanding of application behavior.

    Fast, actionable transaction analysis

    Automatic diagnosis of performance bottlenecks with expert analysis.

    Predict and validate application readiness before you deploy

    Many application support teams use OPNET AppTransaction Xpert for application troubleshooting and to predict an application’s behavior before it’s released.

    Don’t be surprised by infrastructure changes

    Create “what if” scenarios where you can test the effect of an infrastructure change, such as a data center consolidation, on application response time.

    Lightweight agents do not tax your network

    OPNET AppTransaction Xpert agents are lightweight and can easily be deployed enterprise wide. In contrast, capture agents from competing products can be demanding on CPU processing, disk usage, and include database components.

    Match other Riverbed OPNET solutions for more power:

    • Combine Riverbed OPNET AppResponse Xpert and Riverbed OPNET AppTransaction Xpert for a seamless workflow that spans monitoring, alerting, triage, diagnosis of root causes, and recommendations to fix problems. For specific transactions of interest, use OPNET AppResponse Xpert to find end-user issues in real time. Then deploy OPNET AppTransaction Xpert for root-cause analysis.
    • Analyze a unified view of a transaction’s dynamics with the inclusion of Riverbed OPNET AppInternals Xpert.
    • Centrally manage large-scale agent deployments with Riverbed OPNET AppTransaction Xpert Packet Trace Warehouse.
    • Quickly isolate the specific packets needed for analysis using Cascade Pilot graphical packet analysis software.
    • Continuously capture packets using Cascade Shark appliances to ensure packet-level information is always available.


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  • What users are saying:

    "Our predicted response time through OPNET was within two percent of the actual response time.”
    Gary Abbott

    Network Capacity Planner, InterContinental Hotels Group

    “[AppTransaction Xpert™] paid for itself in the very first project.”
    Gary Bales
    Senior Programmer Analyst, AEGON

    "This is valuable to me... It's exactly what I wanted to see"
    Network Analyst
    Public Broadcasting Company

    "Prior to our work with OPNET, IT engineers spent a significant amount of time analyzing trace data and performance metrics, frequently arriving at different and conflicting conclusions on the cause of performance problems... We want to spend less time firefighting and spend more time focusing on SunTrust's strategic business goals. OPNET is a key enabler in this transformation."
    Tim Baker
    Manager Network Planning and Engineering SunTrust Banks, Inc.

    "Keep making intuitive products that help my team achieve minimal network downtime and I'll keep buying them."
    Associate Director
    Regional Health System

    "In my entire IT career, I have never seen a product with such a great ROI. In the 10 months that we have owned OPNET, it has more than paid for itself."
    Director of IT
    Regional Health System

    "I think OPNET will change the way [the Agency] does business."
    Network Operations Manager
    U.S. Federal Agency

    "This is what I really need! AppTransaction Xpert provides more value than [CA NetQoS] SuperAgent. I know we don't have a network issue, but I can prove this with you, not with SuperAgent."
    Senior Network Engineer
    Health Care Provider

    "We have had great success in diagnosing root cause for several critical applications by analyzing packet traces in AppTransaction Xpert."
    Network Engineer
    U.S. Federal Government Contractor

    “The OPNET products deployed by our company have been very useful in effectively and efficiently troubleshooting application performance problems. They also make it very simple and straightforward to determine issues between the application and the network. In addition, the support and training programs provided by OPNET are excellent.”
    IT Specialist
    Large Enterprise Professional Services Company

    “OPNET’s [AppResponse Xpert and AppTransaction Xpert] help me and my team every day to resolve several types of problems or incidents. They make it easier to isolate root cause and specify the origin of slowness of an application or the “weak-link” of the production chain.”
    Cedric Cratere, IT Specialist
    BNP Paribas

    “OPNET has proven effective in areas where application performance monitoring tool suites were very expensive, and required expertise in configuration and tuning. The use of OPNET reduced application deployment time, tuning of SLA/SLR monitoring and management cost (both personnel and tools) by 10x.”
    IT Manager
    Federal Government

    “It’s a pleasure to provide same-day – or even same-meeting – root cause identification for some of the vexing performance problems that get escalated to our team. In challenging cases the OPNET tools allow me to dig into the problem and present persuasive evidence. This keeps the team focused on resolution.”
    IT Professional
    Global 500 Pharmaceuticals Company

    “Troubleshoot application problems and investigate incidents in minutes instead of hours or days. OPNET is a better way to collect and harness all your data. OPNET has the flexibility to do many types of real-time and historical analysis, and the power to deliver custom dashboards and views to anyone in our organization.”
    IT Specialist
    Large Enterprise Health Care Company

    “Provides the visibility needed to effectively troubleshoot application and network issues. Visibility that otherwise would not be available. This allows much more efficient troubleshooting, problem identification and quicker resolution of problems.”

    Federal Government

    “OPNET’s integrated suite of products help us on a daily basis to master our LAN/WAN. It’s user-friendly and easy to use for people that perform troubleshooting.”
    Hendrik Cardoen, Engineer

    “OPNET improves our troubleshooting and visibility into the network, which makes us look good to management.”
    Network Administrator
    Large Enterprise Aerospace and Defense Company

    “We primarily use AppResponse Xpert to troubleshoot client issues. It was very easy and unobtrusive to implement and we get results very quickly."
    IT Professional
    Mediium Enterprise Aerospace and Defense Company

    “Root cause analysis takes minutes or hours and not days and weeks even in a complex multi-tier SOA environment. In several cases we have been able to identify and resolve a number of cross platform problems, and not just performance issues, that individual vendors were not even able to isolate. This has been invaluable for troubleshooting applications in production and perhaps more importantly for new application releases prior to deployment before they impact our customers.”
    Barry Caswell, Senior Manager
    Architecture and Engineering, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia

    “Incredible tool! As the tool suite grows, our stability and availability grows.”
    Greg Schwab, IT Vice President
    Deluxe Corporation

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