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Network Troubleshooting - High Performance Packet Capture

Cascade Shark Appliance

Are you trying to identify network problems with only slices of data only to discover it is not the right data? When business-critical applications fail, the impact can be serious and you need tools that help pinpoint failures.  Or perhaps your network clogging as you try to transfer large files across it for central analysis? Continuously and easily troubleshoot network activity in real time with the always-on Riverbed® Cascade® Shark appliance. It quickly captures, indexes, and stores all data packets without the need for file transfers.

How It Works
  • Troubleshoot problems faster

    You no longer need to transfer huge files to solve complex or intermittent performance problems.  With the continuous capture of packets, rapid indexing, and long to storage, you can ensure that packet-level information is always available for trouble shooting and granular, real-time and back-in-time analysis.

    Quickly identify the applications running on your network

    Now with deep packet inspection (DPI) available in every Cascade Shark, you can easily identify the applications that are running across the network  so you can troubleshoot problems and get to answers for your most critical applications, faster.

    Best used with Riverbed Cascade Pilot and Wireshark software

    Both Cascade Shark and Cascade Pilot products were built on Wireshark® software by the original developers of Wireshark, and they are the only products on the market with full Wireshark integration.

    Monitor your virtual machine traffic

    With Cascade Shark Virtual Edition, you get real-time visibility as packets traverse the virtual switch in VMware ESXI environments. Monitor all inter-virtual machine traffic, and export traffic metrics to Riverbed Cascade Profiler software.

    Continous and on-demand packet capture is baked into RiOS

    Every Steelhead appliances running Riverbed Optimization System (RiOS®) 7.0 and higher include Cascade Shark packet capture functionality. If you would like continous packet capture, you can choose Cascade Shark on Steelhead EX for proactive troubleshooting and remote site visibility.

    Need a network troubleshooting appliance designed for the SME?

    If you are a small to medium enterprise, you might find an all in one appliance is what you need.  Cascade Express combines the best of flow and packet capture plus monitoring into a single appliance.

    Comparing the features of the three Cascade Shark appliance models

    Cascade Shark appliances Cascade Shark Virtual Edition AppResponse Xpert Shark module Embedded Shark on Steelhead Cascade Shark on Steelhead EX
    Continuous capture -
    On-demand capture
    Packet indexing for fast analysis
    Flow export to Profiler **
    Analysis by Cascade Pilot
    Monitor live traffic with views & watches -
    Monitors virtual environment - - -
    Supports real-time traffic (VoIP) -
    Packet storage capacity 4TB to 32TB 50GB to 2TB 8TB to 264TB* 15GB to 119GB 300GB to 4TB***

    *264TB with ARX 6000 – 3 expansion chassis

    **CascadeFlow export is performed by Steelhead appliance itself, not embedded Shark functionality.

    ***Packet storage capacity is based on customer allocation via Riverbed Virtual Services Platform (VSP) on Riverbed Steelhead ® EX series appliances

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    SME Network Performance Management

    Cascade Express is a network troubleshooting appliance designed just for the small to medium enterprise or branch office.

    • Easy to deploy
    • Cost efficient
    • Designed to grow with your business
    Learn more >
  • AireSpring finds and fixes customer issues in minutes

    Speeding in heavy traffic

    By increasing the speed with which data and RTP packets are captured, AireSpring technicians can locate and analyze both sets of packets associated with a particular voice network call. Now, instead of the half hour or more it used to take, technicians can pull the data they need in minutes.

    More than 9,000 concurrent voice sessions monitored

    Eight of AireSpring's 15 technicians can work simultaneously on trouble tickets — accessing network diagnostics and troubleshooting — while more than 9,000 concurrent voice sessions are being monitored.

    Read more about AirSpring's deployment of Cascade >

    Pacific Dental Services avoids hundreds of hours of downtime

    6,000 computers, 500 servers, 12,000 network connections, no downtime

    By gaining greater network visibility — which lets IT fix persistent problems before they affect the dental offices — Pacific Dental Services has saved countless hours and has avoided the need to expand its staff.

    Eliminates performance issues and trends

    Using a full-packet trace, the IT department can investigate a problem in a lab-type environment by analyzing continuous line-rate traffic at 1G and 10G speeds without packet drops.

    Read further about how Riverbed Cascade paid for itself after first use >

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    SME Network Performance Management

    Cascade Express is a network troubleshooting appliance designed just for the small to medium enterprise or branch office.

    • Easy to deploy
    • Cost efficient
    • Designed to grow with your business
    Learn more >
  • Continuously capture all traffic for faster troubleshooting

    With continuous, reliable recording of multi-gigabit per second network traffic to disk, the Cascade Shark appliance makes sure you don’t miss a thing and ensures that all data is available for real time and back in time analysis. Multi-gigabit per second Ethernet traffic capture: Includes Shark Packet Recorder, a customized dump-to-disk utility based on the 1GbE and 10GbE.

    Identify applications with deep packet inspection (DPI)

    Not every business application deserves the same level of handling, service, or prioritization. Some
    are simply more important than others.  Now with DPI in Cascade Shark, you can understand minute-by-minute consumption of applications, report application-specific performance, and make path and quality of service decisions quickly.  You can recognize and monitor application types, including well-known, custom-developed, virtualized, peer-to-peer, VoIP and web-based applications with DPI.

    Seamless marriage of flow monitoring and packet-based troubleshooting

    Smart packet indexing accelerates troubleshooting and reduces the time it takes to identify and resolve complex performance issues. Packet meta-data, called microflows, provide efficient real-time indexing of packet data and enables users to quickly search terabytes of data. This allows for seamless transition between flow-based information in Cascade Profiler appliance and packet-level information in Cascade Shark appliance.

    Capture what you need for regulatory compliance or time sensitive applications

    • Selective recording for regulatory compliance: With requirements such as PCI, DSS, or HIPAA, you can record and store the right amount of packet data. It can also extend the amount of packet data that can be stored and the length of time it is available for analysis.
    • Precision time stamping: Critical for low-latency trading environments, time-sensitive applications, and multi-segment analysis, Cascade Shark adopts the precision time stamps from network tap aggregators such as Gigamon, cPackets, Ixia-Anue, and VSS Monitoring.

    Integrate with other Riverbed products

    • Steelhead appliances running Riverbed Optimization System (RiOS®) version 7.0 or later include Cascade Shark packet capture functionality for remote site troubleshooting without affecting WAN optimization.
    • Cascade Shark module adds rich network intelligence to supplement the existing end-user experience monitoring and transaction analysis provided by Riverbed OPNET AppResponse Xpert.
    • Streamlined network transaction troubleshooting workflow between Cascade Shark to Cascade Pilot to Riverbed OPNET AppTransaction Xpert for off-line, multi-tier, user transaction analysis for diagnosing root cause quickly and easily. (Requires software release 8.6.2 or newer, on models 4200, 5000 or 6000).
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