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Understand your complete network and plan for future change

Whether you’re managing day-to-day network issues, consolidating, building out, or experimenting for the future, you need network management tools that deliver the complete picture of your network. Riverbed network management solutions (formerly OPNET) provide key technologies for you to plan, map, monitor, audit, and innovate your network design.

Solutions for network operations, planning, modeling and simulation

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  • All-in-one Network Operations (OPNET NetOne Suite)

    Riverbed OPNET NetOne® is a comprehensive network engineering, operations, and planning suite that gives you full life-cycle coverage and best-in-class network analysis. With it you can rapidly troubleshoot critical network issues using real-time infrastructure visualization and monitoring, and maintain up-to-date network inventory and diagrams. Also, get unified network management and tight integration with other Riverbed OPNET application performance management products.

    The Challenge

    • Understand what you have on your network
    • Watch network behavior as it happens
    • Stay compliant with regulatory standards after a network change

    The Solution

    • Automated network discovery reveals devices and their configurations
    • Visualize network traffic and events in real time
    • Continuous monitoring and testing ensures network compliance
  • Real-time Network Visualization (OPNET nCompass)

    Troubleshoot faster and manage your network easier when you see what’s happening as it is happening. The more complicated your network is, the more you’ll rely on the easy-to-read, real-time visual network dashboards from Riverbed OPNET nCompass®. Purchase OPNET nCompass as a standalone product or as part of a complete solution with Riverbed OPNET NetOne® Suite.

    The Challenge

    • Visualize your network from the big picture scope
    • Understand the behavior of your network and its device components
    • Discover the root cause of problems

    The Solution

    • Simple to read dashboards shows your entire network in a single view
    • Unified data shows configuration and performance of all your devices
    • Drill down to the lowest level to see the problem
  • Network Diagramming and Documentation (OPNET NetMapper)

    Automatically generate accurate, up-to-date network mappings and inventory reports, which are essential for troubleshooting, regulatory compliance, and change management. The intelligent analysis and reporting engine continuously and automatically discovers network elements and configuration, creates and archives hi-def network diagrams, and understands multi-device relationships. Purchase Riverbed OPNET NetMapper® as a standalone product, or as part of the Riverbed OPNET NetOne® Suite.

    The Challenge

    • Know what is on your network
    • Understand what has recently changed on your network
    • Document your entire network as a reference tool

    The Solution

    • Automatically discovers network elements for you
    • Highlights new devices, modified devices, and configuration changes
    • Accurately visualizes and documents your entire network
  • Network Audit and Policy Compliance (OPNET Sentinel)

    Stay compliant with regulatory, organizational, and security policies with a solution that’s continually auditing your network and security environment. Riverbed OPNET Sentinel audits and analyzes the latest network-wide configuration to see if there are any device misconfigurations, policy violations, configuration inefficiencies, and security violations.  OPNET Sentinel can be purchased as a standalone product, or as part of the Riverbed OPNET NetOne® Suite.

    The Challenge

    • Stay ahead of regulatory compliance issues
    • Find the time to find and hunt down compliance failures
    • Worry that network changes will put you out of compliance

    The Solution

    • Always-on monitoring to maintain regulatory and security policies
    • Save employee time and your money with automated auditing and reporting
    • Audit and validate proposed changes beforehand to reduce outages and downtime
  • Network Planning and Engineering (OPNET Network Planner)

    Just as an architectural engineer uses computer aided design (CAD) to design and test the strength of a skyscraper, so can a network architect design and test a complete IT network before it’s actually built. Enlist Riverbed OPNET Network Planner™ for answers to network “what if” scenarios such as changes in technology, growth, consolidation, migration, and new application deployment. Get OPNET Network Planner as a standalone product, or as part of the Riverbed OPNET NetOne® Suite.

    OPNET Network Planner is available in two options: (1) Rivebed OPNET SP Guru® Network Planner: Network testing and planning for service providers, and (2) Rivebed OPNET IT Guru® Network Planner: Network testing and planning for your company’s IT network

    The Challenge

    • Design a cost-efficient, robust, and secure network
    • Plan for business network growth
    • For service providers, fighting for a competitive edge with product design

    The Solution

    • Test network architectures and topologies before you deploy
    • Conduct scenario testing for IT migrations and new product deployment
    • Better prediction tools to meet SLAs and future network investments
  • Network Simulation (OPNET Modeler Suite)

    Riverbed OPNET Modeler® Suite comprises of a suite of protocols and technologies with a sophisticated development environment. By modeling all network types and technologies (including VoIP, TCP, OSPFv3, MPLS, IPv6, and more), OPNET Modeler analyzes networks to compare the impact of different technology designs on end-to-end behavior. OPNET Modeler Suite lets you test and demonstrate technology designs before production; increase network R&D productivity; develop proprietary wireless protocols and technologies; and evaluate enhancements to standards-based protocols.

    The Challenge

    • Spending too much money on an unknown network design
    • Innovate IT through research and development
    • Shorten time to market

    The Solution

    • Test a simulated design to see how it will run in your environment
    • Safely experiment with creative network designs in a simulated space
    • Deployments go faster when you conduct real-world simulation testing first
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