Network Simulation (OPNET Modeler Suite)

Increase process for analyzing and designing communication networks

Riverbed OPNET Modeler® Suite comprises of a suite of protocols and technologies with a sophisticated development environment. By modeling all network types and technologies (including VoIP, TCP, OSPFv3, MPLS, IPv6, and more), OPNET Modeler analyzes networks to compare the impact of different technology designs on end-to-end behavior. OPNET Modeler Suite lets you test and demonstrate technology designs before production; increase network R&D productivity; develop proprietary wireless protocols and technologies; and evaluate enhancements to standards-based protocols.

How It Works
Product Models
Modeler University Program
  • Realistic application modeling and analysis

    Cost-effectively predict the performance of a real application in a simulated network environment and accelerate time-to-market for network technologies and solutions.

    Fastest simulation engine

    Compared to competitive solutions, OPNET Modeler boasts the fastest discrete event-simulation engine on the market.

    Access hundreds of protocol and vendor device models

    Save time with access to the largest, most comprehensive library of open source, discrete event simulation models for the IT industry.


    An open interface for broad integration

    With its open interface, you can integrate external object files, libraries, and other simulators.

    Rich visualization for faster understanding

    With OPNET Modeler, you can visualize network simulation results in a rich, integrated environment.


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  • “OPNET Modeler has proven itself an essential tool for system design.”

    Senior Product Engineer, Communication Systems, Technology Department, Indra

    “Modeling with OPNET means that we can confidently deliver design specifications that save time and money right from the beginning of the design lifecycle. OPNET has now become an acknowledged tool for assessing the performance implications when delivering advanced services over BT's new 21st Century Broadband Network.”

    Broadband/21C Performance Lead Designer, BT

    “Booz Allen has been using OPNET products for over 10 years. The Booz Allen SAFECOM team selected OPNET because of the high fidelity of its products, which is a paramount consideration for matters of public safety.”

    Program Manager, Booz Allen Hamilton

    “Our SS7-over-IP OPNET models enable us to accurately represent the behavior of next-generation signaling technology with high fidelity. Modeler’s detailed statistics give us valuable insight into how design alternatives will perform in realistic customer scenarios.”

    Network Planning Engineer, Professional Services, Tekelec

    “Modeler serves as a catalyst in our R&D process and enables us to deliver advanced WiMAX solutions to the marketplace months before our competition.”

    Director, Systems Engineering, Aperto Networks

    "OPNET Modeler eliminates the need to build real test setups to design and evaluate our protocols and algorithms, saving us time and money. Modeler includes a broad library of models supported out-of-the-box while giving us the ability to quickly develop custom protocol and application models, significantly accelerating our network research."

    Director, Middle East Mobile Innovation Center, Intel Corporation

    “By modeling our cutting-edge technology in OPNET Modeler we are able to cut costs and accelerate time-to-market. We can thus concentrate our R&D resources on the differentiating aspects of our projects where we can realize true competitive advantage.”

    Project Leader, NEC Network Laboratories

    “OPNET’s extensive model library saves us from having to develop our models from scratch. We can quickly design prototype network architectures and then leverage OPNET’s scalable virtual environment to accurately predict the performance impact of alternative architectures, topologies, and changes in traffic.”

    Advanced Engineering & Sciences, ITT Industries

    “We have optimized our war game simulations ... with Modeler's high-fidelity communications effects simulation. We can now represent the reality of battlefield communications in our defense project simulations, enabling us to better support our customers.”

    Technology Manager, Mission Systems, Large International Defense Contractor

    “OPNET provides us the flexibility to develop real time models of military communication systems for application within larger synthetic environments and test beds.”

    Chief Systems Engineer, Communications Modeling, Large International Systems Integrator

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  • Step 1: Reduce simulation runtime by utilizing Modeler’s parallel and distributed simulation capabilities

    Leverage three different simulation technologies to efficiently tradeoff simulation detail and speed

    Step 2: Model network protocols, resources, algorithms, applications, and queuing policies in detail using Modeler’s object-oriented modeling

    Accelerate model design with more than 400 out-of-the-box protocol and vendor device models from Modeler’s library

    Step 3: Easily interpret simulation results using intuitive charts, tables, and graphs

    Quickly correlate graphical results with network behavior by replaying simulations

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  • OPNET Modeler software helps network R&D organizations to boost productivity, improve product performance and quality, and accelerate time-to-market for fixed and wireless communication technologies. It comes in three flavors.

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    • OPNET Modeler for organizations large and small

      As the main workhorse in the OPNET Modeler family, this flavor accelerates the R&D process for analyzing and designing communication networks, devices, protocols, and applications.

    • The OPNET Modeler Wireless Suite for simulating wireless networks

      Use this flavor for when you want high-fidelity modeling, simulation, and analysis of a broad range of wireless networks.

    • The OPNET Modeler Wireless Suite for Defense

      Specially designed for the unique R&D requirements of the defense community, including research and development of network protocols and architectures crucial to Network-Centric Warfare implementations.

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  • Riverbed provides its software for free to qualifying universities worldwide for academic research and teaching. Over 25,000 university professors and students use Riverbed’s products in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Management Information Systems, and related disciplines.

    The RPM Modeler University Program offers:

    • Full Model Library: Popular protocol and vendor device models are available, including specialized models such as IPv6, LTE, UMTS, MPLS, and WiMAX.
    • Advanced Modeling and Simulation: Discrete event simulation, analytic modeling, and hybrid technologies provide high fidelity, scalable simulations.
    • Targeted offering for Teaching and Research groups within universities (explained in sections below).
    • Maintenance: For research licenses, discounted maintenance is offered to enable access to Riverbed technical support and training.
    • Access to on-line user-community: Share ideas, initiatives, and successes with a large peer user community.
    • Teaching Tools: Free lab manuals for popular textbooks can be downloaded from the Riverbed web site.

    Expand All

    • University Teaching Program

      RPM Modeler and its modules incorporate a high fidelity software model that accurately simulates the behavior of a real-world network. By changing the configuration, link capacity, traffic volumes, and characteristics of this virtual network model, professors and students can accurately predict the impact of these changes on the real network. This capability enables a broad range of studies including:

      • Studying various wired and wireless routing protocols
      • Visualizing TCP/IP mechanisms and variations
      • Understanding LAN/WAN/MAN network architectures
      • Designing reliable wireless networks
      • Implementing efficient network

      To encourage exchange of ideas, Riverbed has created an online community forum called the “University Support Center ” on splash.riverbed.com

      Join the RPM Modeler University Splash Community.

    •  University Research Program

      RPM Modeler and its modules model communication devices, protocols, technologies, and architectures, and simulate their performance in a dynamic virtual network environment. Integrated code debugging and data analysis features facilitate the design process. Riverbed’s products enable a broad range of academic research such as:

      • Evaluating and enhancing wireless protocols such as LTE, WiMAX, and 802.11.
      • Studying new power management schemes for sensor networks.
      • Researching new enhancements to core network technologies such as IPv6 and MPLS.
      • Analyzing optical network designs.

      Participants with active maintenance contracts will additionally have access to the on-site or web-based trainings offered by Riverbed.

      Riverbed encourages research of new technologies and understands the importance of the academic community in this effort. Riverbed provides a platform to showcase your breakthrough research at the company’s annual conference in Washington, D.C.

      Join the RPM Modeler University Splash Community.

    •  IT Guru Academic Edition

      IT Guru Academic Edition software was created for introductory level networking courses, and designed and tested to be used with popular classroom lab manuals.

      Convenient Features:

      • Based on IT Guru commercial version 9.1
      • Downloadable from our website at no charge
      • Built-in Application Characterization Environment (ACE™) and Wireless capability
      • Specially designed and tested to be used with popular textbooks and lab manuals
      • 6-month renewable license

      New Users: Register and Download here

      Existing Users: login here

    •  Models Offered
      • Modeler Wireless Suite
      • Flow Analysis Module
      • IPV6 for R&D Specialized Model
      • MPLS Specialized Model
      • UMTS Specialized Model
      • LTE Specialized Model
      • System-in-the-Loop Module
      • 802.16 Specialized Model
      • Shared Code Module
    •  Frequently Asked Questions

        Q1. How long does it take for the application to get approved?

        A1. It usually takes five business days for the application to get approved once we receive all the required information from the online application form.

        Q2. Can I install the licenses on my personal machine?

        A2. No. The licenses can only be installed in the university owned machines or labs.

        Q3. How do I renew my licenses?

        A3. You will need to fill out the online application form and provide us with a public webpage explaining how have you used our products in the past. You can also provide us with papers/models created using the software.

        Q4. How do I make the payment if I want to purchase maintenance on my research licenses?

        A4. You can either pay us by credit card, check or wire transfer the amount. We will provide you with more details once your application is approved.

        Q5. Does my university qualify to be a part of University Program?

        A5. Please fill out the application form. We will process the application within five business days and apprise you as needed.

        Q6. Who needs to fill out the online application form – Student/ Professor?

        A6. Any one can fill out the online application form. However, any student filling out the online application form must provide us with complete details about their professor.

        Q7. Do all users have access to Riverbed Technical Support?

        A7. University Research Program license holders with active maintenance contracts can contact Riverbed Technical Support. Additionally, the online user community on splash.riverbed.com is a useful medium for technical discussions for research and teaching applications of Modeler.

        Q8. How do I contact technical support?

        A8. Please check support.riverbed.com for contact details.

        Q9. Does Riverbed help train students and professors to use Riverbed products?

        A9. Yes, customers with active maintenance contracts can attend on-site or web-based trainings. They can also access past year’s conference proceedings at their convenience.

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    University Teaching Program
    Receive information on using RPM Modeler in your classes.

    • Free for qualifying universities
    • Accurately simulates the behavior of a real-world network

    Contact the Teaching Program >

    University Research Program
    Receive information on using RPM Modeler in your research program.

    • Free for qualifying universities
    • Enable a broad range of academic research activities

    Contact the Research Program >

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