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Upgrade your Wireshark experience with packet capture solutions

With large-scale agent deployment and management, automatic enterprise-wide or personal-use packet capture, and the ability to quickly sift through terabytes of packet data to identify problems, troubleshooting gets done faster than ever with Wireshark® network analysis enhancement products. Use them to rapidly identify and diagnosis network and application performance problems.

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  • Personal Desktop Network Analyzer

    Packet and network analyzer for Wireshark users from your desktop

    Easily drill down from Cascade Pilot PE visually rich, graphical display and get more from your Wireshark experience. Quickly sift through terabytes of packet data to identify the source of network anomalies, application performance issues, and more. Full integration with Riverbed® AirPcap® adapters also allows you analyze and troubleshoot 802.11 wireless networks.

    Check pricing and buy Cascade Pilot PE today.

    The Challenge

    • Sift through packet data to locate performance anomalies
    • Need for faster analysis and larger packet captures
    • Wireshark integration and professional report creation

    The Solution

    • Extremely intuitive graphical user interface and interactive View metrics
    • Open and analyze multi-terabyte packet captures; accelerate analysis up to 1,000 times
    • Full Wireshark integration boosts efficiency; create a variety of reports from custom Views
  • Wireless Traffic Packet Capture

    Capture 802.11 WLAN packets for rapid, comprehensive analysis with your favorite packet-analysis software. This is the only Microsoft Windows-based wireless packet capture device fully integrated with Wireshark and Riverbed® Cascade® Pilot software. Choose among three open, affordable, easy-to-deploy versions: AirPcap Classic, AirPcap Tx, and AirPcap Nx.

    Check pricing and choose your AirPcap model today.

    The Challenge

    • Multiple channel analysis
    • Working with popular packet analysis tools
    • WLAN problems

    The Solution

    • Listen to three channels simultaneously, or aggregate into a single data stream
    • Works with Wireshark, Cascade Pilot, Kismet, and Aircrack-ng
    • Integration with both Wireshark and Cascade Pilot software
    • Improves WLAN security, packet-level analysis, channel bandwidth usage, and more
  • Gigabit Ethernet Packet Capture

    With this Gigabit NIC you can send packet-capture information at full-line rate to your favorite network analyzer, including Wireshark®. You get multiport traffic aggregation, a configurable pass-thru mode, an optimized driver for Microsoft Windows (7, XP and Vista) and Linux Fedora 10, and a user-level API.

    Check pricing and choose your TurboCap model today.


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    Wireshark Developers & User Conference - June 16-20, Dominican University, San Rafael, CA. > Learn More

    The Challenge

    • Dropped packets
    • Aggregating from ports and boards
    • Need for customized applications

    The Solution

    • Capture even the smallest packets with full-rate gigabit capture
    • Full-rate traffic aggregation from all ports and boards
    • Native API and WinPcap/libpcap API for writing/porting custom applications
  • Distributed Agent-Based Packet Capture and Management

    Centralized, enterprise-wide packet capture from end-user workstations and servers
    Capture packets — within the enterprise and in the cloud — by deploying lightweight agents across thousands of desktops and servers. You can centrally manage large-scale agent deployments via a secure web portal, and provide packet traces to OPNET AppTransaction Xpert and AppMapper Xpert.

    The Challenge

    • Capture packets across the enterprise and the cloud
    • Troubleshooting performance problems
    • Avoid expensive hardware probes on every network segment

    The Solution

    • Centralized, enterprise-wide packet capture from end-user workstations and servers
    • Packet capture is automatic; end users can report problems immediately
    • Deploying lightweight agents on servers and desktops eliminates the need for hardware probes
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