Gigabit Ethernet Packet Capture

TurboCap capture board

With this Gigabit NIC you can send packet-capture information at full-line rate to your favorite network analyzer, including Wireshark®. You get multiport traffic aggregation, a configurable pass-thru mode, an optimized driver for Microsoft Windows (7, XP and Vista) and Linux Fedora 10, and a user-level API.

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How It Works
Product Models
  • No dropped packets

    Capture your network traffic without dropping any packets. With support for full-rate Gigabit capture, you can capture even the smallest and most challenging packet sizes.

    Aggregation made easy

    Get full-rate, aggregated traffic in timestamp order from all ports on all TurboCap NICs on your system. Aggregation is presented as a virtual port called a Board Aggregating Port (BAP). Aggregation provides a means to measure packet delays between multiple sources.

    Acts as a network tap

    When in pass-thru mode, injection is done simultaneously for pairs of ports on the same board, meaning TurboCap can act as a network tap too.

    Integration and add-on features

    TurboCap capture is integrated with WinPcap and libpcap, and supports applications such as Wireshark, tpcdump and ntop. Add-on features include an API developer's pack for writing/porting your own Gigabit Ethernet applications.

    How to use TurboCap

    Many use the NIC to create packet capture platforms for reliable full line rate GbE packet capture. Others use the NIC as the basis for their own product development or product testing using the TurboCap API.

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  • Order your TurboCap packet capture and injection solution online today

    If you wish to purchase TurboCap online, click here. A TurboCap purchase is subject to these standard terms and conditions of sale and license.

    One box sent to you will include both hardware and software components as part of the TurboCap product.

    What is in the Box?

    • One TurboCap PCIe 4x board

    • An installation Guide

    If you are a developer interested in directly accessing the features of the TurboCap board for your application, you can access the TurboCap developer’s kit as part of the driver installation.

    Install the board and driver

    In a few easy steps, you can install the TurboCap board on a PC.

    Once that is done, you are ready for the driver software.

    Lastly, if you do not have it already, you will install Wireshark®

    Start receiving and transmitting packets

    TurboCap supports receiving and transmitting packets from each of the ports of the board.

    Here’s how it works:

    Step 1: For capture, TurboCap receives all the packets from the Ethernet cable attached to a port of the board and delivers those packets to an application running on top of TurboCap.

    Step 2: For injection, TurboCap receives packets from an application and transmits them on a specific port of the board.

    TurboCap includes three main components - TurboCap Board, TurboCap Driver and TurboCap user API

    Step 3: Executes packet captures and stores data

    Executes packet captures via a web-based portal for centralized control and creates a federated repository of packet traces.

    Step 4: Controls access

    Controls access to agents and packet captures through role-based security and integration with LDAP/AD, TACACS+, Radius, etc.

    Step 5: Empower the end user

    With integration with OPNET AppResponse Xpert™ or OPNET AppTransaction Xpert, your users can easily, automatically indicate when they are experiencing a performance problem. No need to call the helpdesk, or try to replicate the problem.


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  • You can choose between two-port and four-port TurboCap versions.


    TurboCap 2

    TurboCap 4

    GbE Line-Rate Capture



    Wireshark Integration



    Full-Rate Traffic Injection



    Open API for Development



    Port Aggregation

    Pairwise and all ports

    from all the boards

    Pairwise and all ports

    from all the boards

    Number of Ports

    2 ports

    4 ports

    Host Interface

    PCIe 4-lane

    PCIe 8-lane


    The TurboCap driver Software License Agreement is a single-seat license. If you wish to purchase TurboCap online, click here. A TurboCap purchase is subject to these standard terms and conditions of sale and license.

    The latest TurboCap Windows and Linux drivers are available on the Riverbed Support Site. TurboCap NICs are not shipped with the drivers.

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