All three versions of AirPcapinclude a USB adapter and optimized driver.

All three versions of AirPcap include a USB adapter and optimized driver.

Wireless Traffic Packet Capture

AirPcap Adapter for Microsoft Windows

Capture 802.11 WLAN packets for rapid, comprehensive analysis with your favorite packet-analysis software. This is the only Microsoft Windows-based wireless packet capture device fully integrated with Wireshark and Riverbed® Cascade® Pilot software. Choose among three open, affordable, easy-to-deploy versions: AirPcap Classic, AirPcap Tx, and AirPcap Nx.

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How It Works
  • AirPcap works with these popular packet analysis tools:

    • Wireshark to capture, filter, display, analyze, dissect, and save WLAN packets, including data and management frames
    • Cascade Pilot software for channel scanning, analysis, charting, and reporting
    • Kismet for network discovery
    • Aircrack-ng or Cain and Able  for WEP cracking
    • Your custom tools for full flexibility

    AirPcap solves eight critical WLAN security and troubleshooting problems:

    • WLAN security
    • WLAN packet-level analysis
    • WLAN channel bandwidth usage
    • WLAN transmission errors
    • Retransmission
    • Failed access point associations and authentications
    • Unencrypted applications
    • Low rate-transmission investigations
    Problems Solved by AirPcap

    Analyze multiple channels simultaneously

    With an AirPcap adapter three-pack, you can listen and capture from three channels simultaneouslyin Wireshark or Cascade Pilot software. Or aggregate the packets from those channels into a single data stream for analysis.

    An example of Riverbed® Cascade Pilot Personal Edition software deployed with three AirPcap adapters locked on to separate channels displaying bandwidth over time.

    Why AirPcap adapters

    Built explicitly for wireless packet capture

    Instead of relying on a third-party vendor driver, we developed our own. This approach guarantees:

    • No interference with your regular networking
    • Support for any Microsoft Windows operating systems from Windows 2000 to Windows 7
    • Superior capture performance with minimal packet loss, especially when capturing multi-channels on 802.11n networks
    Top Five Features

    Advantages of AirPcap adapters

    • Superior capture performance with minimal packet loss, especially when doing multi-channel capture on 802.11n networks
    • Capture de-coupled from analysis: hand an AirPcap adapter to anyone with Wireshark and they can capture, filter, display, analyze, dissect, and save WLAN packets at will using the world’s most popular free network and protocol analysis tool. Or use AirPcap with Cascade Pilot software and enjoy channel scanning and more.
    • Create a remote 24/7-capture probe by installing one or more AirPcap adapters and a copy of Wireshark on a legacy and then let it run continuously until something interesting happens.
    • Run AirPcap under VMware on an Apple Macintosh  (or a VM session within Windows) for use beyond Windows-based PCs and laptops.
    • Signal and noise reporting available for greater flexibility.
    • For roaming analysis, AirPcap Nx adapters provide microsecond-precision hardware time stamping.
    • Replay/injection is available for a variety of network and security testing exercises.
    • Easy setup and flexibility with no access point association needed.
    AirPcap Benefits

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    AirPcap Resources

    Trial Downloads

  • Majority of customers are able to troubleshoot their wireless networks at least 50% faster using AirPcap adapter

    Source: TechValidate. TVID: D19-E9B-49A[SB1]

    Invaluable for troubleshooting and testing

    “AirPcap is invaluable for troubleshooting and testing new wireless products at the 802.11 level.”

    - Engineer, Medium Enterprise Telecommunications Equipment Company

    Source: TechValidate. TVID: CB0-23F-2AC[SB2]

    Faster Troubleshooting, Saves Money

    “AirPcap has enabled us to quickly track problems with our wireless network. This saved us significant cost which otherwise would have been spent on an external company.”

    -     System Administrator, Cultural Institution, Netherlands

    Source: TechValidate. TVID: B5B-FA3-EF3[SB3]

    Flexibility and Extensibility Illuminate Solution

    “AirPcap gives us the power to observe network problems and come up with a solution rather than just blindly shooting in the dark. It also gives us the ability to measure whether or not changes made to the service have the desired effect.”

    -    IT Architect, Educational Institution

    Source: TechValidate. TVID: AA7-B6A-043[SB4]


    Roku Inc solves wireless issues more than 90% faster using AirPcap adapter

    Solves monitoring and testing wireless networks with speed and flexibility

    Benefits from AirPcap Adapter through:

    • Flexibility when solving/troubleshooting 802.11 WLAN anomalies
    • Better portable WLAN analysis
    • Faster troubleshooting

    AirPcap adapter is essential product validation tool

    “We design Wi-Fi-equipped consumer products, and AirPcap helps us monitor critical firmware and wireless performance. There isn’t much other competition compared to AirPcap for us. It is considered an essential product validation tool.”

    -     Dave Andrus, Senior RF Engineer, Roku Inc

    Source: TechValidate. TVID: 692-DEA-464[SB1]


    Conquest Security, Inc. monitors and tests wireless security with AirPcap

    Achieves 70-90% faster troubleshooting wireless issues using AirPcap adapter

    • AirPcap Classic & AirPcap Nx used with Wireshark and Cascade Pilot software
    • Troubleshoots/identifies wireless issues 70-90% faster using AirPcap
    • Benefits by secure wireless networking and instant insight into security breaches

    Source: TechValidate. TVID: 1D3-3D4-3BC[SB1]

    Ikeriri Network Service identifies wireless issues 70-90% faster using AirPcap adapter

    AirPcap is the best solution to capture and analyze wireless networks.

    Troubleshoots/identifies wireless issues 70-90% faster using AirPcap

    Leverages a wide range of analysis tools with AirPcap adapter

    Uses AirPcap with the following tools depending on the issue being researched:

    • Wireshark to capture, filter, display, analyze, dissect, and save WLAN packets
    • Cascade Pilot software for channel scanning, analysis, charting, and reporting
    • Kismet for network discovery

    Aircrack-ng, Cain and Able for WEP cracking

    Finds flexibility key benefit in using AirPcap adapter

    Flexibility is at the core of many benefits:

    • Flexibility when solving/troubleshooting 802.11 WLAN anomalies
    • Extensibility through API use
    • Easy, less time consuming setup
    • Better portable WLAN analysis

    Secure wireless networking and instant insight into security breaches

    Source: TechValidate. TVID: 1D3-3D4-3BC[SB1]

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  • Captures wireless traffic on a single channel

    Each AirPcap adapter captures traffic on a single channel at a time; the channel setting for the AirPcap adapter can be changed using the AirPcap Control Panel, or from the “Advanced Wireless Settings” dialog in Wireshark or other tools. Depending on the model of your AirPcap adapter, it can be set to any valid 802.11a/b/g/n channel for packet capture.

    Operate  in completely passive mode

    AirPcap adapters operate in a completely passive mode. This means that they capture the traffic on a channel without associating with an access point or interacting with any other wireless device. Unless you are transmitting with either AirPcap Tx , Ex or Nx, the adapters are not detectable by any other wireless station.

    Can also work in monitor mode

    The AirPcap adapters can work in  Monitor Mode. In this mode, the AirPcap adapter will capture all of the frames that are transferred on a channel, not just frames that are addressed to it. This includes data frames, control frames and management frames.

    Can be configured to decrypt WEP-encrypted frames

    The AirPcap software can optionally be configured to decrypt WEP-encrypted frames. An arbitrary number of keys can be configured in the driver at the same time, so that the driver can decrypt the traffic of more than one access point at the same time. WPA and WPA2 support is handled by applications such as Wireshark and Aircrack-ng.

    Use multiple AirPcap adapters for multi-channel aggregation

    When more than one AirPcap adapter is plugged in, the AirPcap Control Panel will show one additional interface: the Multi-Channel Aggregator. The Multi-Channel Aggregator is a virtual capture interface that can be used from Wireshark or any other supported  application. Using this capture interface, the application will receive the traffic from all installed USB AirPcap adapters as if it was coming from a single device.

    The Multi-Channel Aggregator has its own FCS, Capture Type and FCS Filter settings. These settings, and not those of the physical adapter, will be used when capturing from the Aggregator. Note that it’s not possible to set the channel of the Multi-Channel Aggregator; instead, the channel drop-down box will show a list of aggregated channels. To change the channel of any individual adapter, select the Capture adapter from the Interface drop-down list and set the desired value in the channel drop-down box.

    View this FAQ to learn more about how AirPcap works

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